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General Employment

A Malaysian employee was unfairly fired, so the company had to pay her RM1.13 million

by Mikaela A on 23 July 2020

If you were to get fired today—especially, without a solid reason—would you take take your employer to court? This may surprise you, but many Malaysians do file a case with...

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General Employment

A Msian stewardess was fired for being 'fat' AND the court agreed with the airline

by Mikaela A on 25 February 2020

Disclaimer: The airline had never referred to the flight supervisor as being ‘fat’. She had merely exceeded the weight limit for cabin crew. We used the word ‘fat’ for a...

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Civil General

In Malaysia, can you cut your neighbour's tree if it grows into your compound… and steal its fruit?

by Mikaela A on 24 May 2019

[Klik sini untuk artikel Bahasa Malaysia]   So it’s been awhile since your neighbour’s mango tree has been growing over your fence. You’ve been putting up with it all this...

Recent Articles

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B.H. Oon, the lawyer who opened the doors for women to practice law in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 18 November 2021

In April 2019, history was made when Tengku Maimun became Malaysia’s first female Chief Justice. She is the 10th Chief Justice and after 9 men, Malaysia finally saw a woman leading the judiciary....

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7 MORE Malaysian laws you didn't know existed

by Mikaela A on 11 November 2021

We hear of laws being passed from time to time and many of them, such as the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and the Penal Code often make the headlines. But these...

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Can you sue the PDRM if they respond too late to your emergency call?

by Mikaela A on 10 November 2021

When you’re in danger or you feel unsafe, the first thing you will most likely think of is calling the police – with the expectation that they’ll arrive within minutes to...

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Condo managements in Malaysia can now sue developers for defects in your building

by Mikaela A on 28 June 2021

If you’ve read any of our condo management/developer articles, it’s usually to do with how can you sue them, how they can sue you, or just what to do if...

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General Employment

Can Malaysian companies make employees download apps on their phones and PCs?

by Mikaela A on 23 June 2021

Recently, one of our readers asked: “Can employers ask their employees to install certain apps on their personal mobiles?” With working from home being the norm now, it’s common to...

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Can businesses in Malaysia refuse to take cash as payment?

by Mikaela A on 18 June 2021

Sometimes, you might come across a sign that says ‘cash only’ displayed in shops. It can be a pretty common sight and it just means that you can only pay...

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Do companies in Malaysia need to give employees leave for their vaccinations?

by Mikaela A on 14 June 2021

If you like to occasionally check the Covid-19 vaccination statistics in Malaysia, you would know that by now, around 3 million people have at least received their first shot. We’re seeing more and...

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Not all kids born to Malaysian parents can get Malaysian citizenship. Here's the reason

by Mikaela A on 08 June 2021

Every now and then, you might come across a story of a child born to Malaysian parents who for some reason, cannot get Malaysian citizenship. Sometimes, these children are also...

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Here's how to report your boss if you're forced to work in the office during the MCO

by Mikaela A on 02 June 2021

Unless you were disconnected from the rest of the world for the last few days, you would already know that Malaysia is now under an FMCO (Full Movement Control Order). This...

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Here's how you can legally change your name in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 28 May 2021

Most of us might not have a problem with our names and changing it might be the last thing on our minds. But in some scenarios, a change in name is...

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Can companies in Malaysia make it compulsory for employees to get vaccinated?

by Mikaela A on 24 May 2021

We’re now 14 months (or more) into this pandemic and Malaysia’s cases have been at an all-time high these last few days. One ray of hope in this time is that there are...

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Can property agents in Malaysia get involved if a tenant and landlord have a dispute?

by Mikaela A on 20 May 2021

Imagine this: You’re a property agent who’s been successfully closing deals for the last few months. Today is just another day at work, but then you suddenly get a call...

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In Malaysia, if a family member dies leaving you their debt, what can you do?

by Mikaela A on 17 May 2021

Note: The article below applies to non-Muslim succession matters. Muslim succession matters will be governed by Syariah laws.   When a person passes away, they may leave behind wealth such...

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General Property

How do you transfer car ownership to another person in Malaysia?

by Mikaela A on 10 May 2021

We recently wrote on how to transfer ownership of property in Malaysia. [READ MORE: How do you legally transfer property to someone else in Malaysia?] But one of our readers also...

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Property Family

How do you legally transfer property to someone else in Malaysia?

by Mikaela A on 05 May 2021

We all know that if you inherit a home from someone else or even buy a home for the first time, you would need to legally transfer the property to...

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Constitution Criminal

If you're unlawfully detained in Msia, you can file a habeas corpus. But how does it work?

by Mikaela A on 30 April 2021

If you’ve been following the news closely, you would have read the story of a man named Simon Momoh. Simon, a Nigerian man living in Malaysia, was charged for drunk driving....

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In Malaysia, if your neighbour's renovation encroaches on your compound, what can you do?

by Mikaela A on 26 April 2021

If you own a landed property, you would know that it can be common to have issues with neighbours every now and then. They might park their car in front...

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In Msia, if you resign voluntarily but get poorly compensated, can you sue your company?

by Mikaela A on 21 April 2021

Note: While this article mentions ‘MSS’ (mutual separation scheme), the laws mentioned here also cover ‘VSS’  (voluntary separation scheme). The two function the same way—they are compensation for an employee who...

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If a Menteri signs a law without using his real the law still valid?

by Mikaela A on 13 April 2021

Update: The government’s Chief Secretary has ordered all civil servants to use the Prime Minister’s legal name in all formal documents from now on. This means that any orders passed by...

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Consumer General

In Msia, what happens if you don't tell your insurance provider about a previous illness?

by Mikaela A on 05 April 2021

If you have a medical insurance policy, you know that it might be of help you if something untoward were to happen. Typically, your insurance company would approve most claims, unless there’s...

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General Traffic

Here's how to 'legally' change your car paint in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 31 March 2021

If you’ve had your car for a few years, you might be thinking of giving it a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your car isn’t that big...

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General Property

Can your Majlis Perbandaran stop you from growing plants outside your home?

by Mikaela A on 26 March 2021

This MCO—in all its forms—has seen most of us picking up several hobbies and skills to make better use of our time. Of all the hobbies, one that many (this...

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AirAsia X refund form: Don't know how to fill it? Here's how

by Mikaela A on 22 March 2021

Disclaimer: This is a general guide on how to fill in the Proof of Debt form. AskLegal will not be responsible for any unsuccessful refund claims. For those of you who...

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In Malaysia, can you buy a house and then cancel the purchase after that?

by Mikaela A on 19 March 2021

After many months of searching, you finally found the home of your dreams. You go to meet the developer, put a down payment on the property, and sign the Sales and...

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Unfairly fired? Here's how you can take your boss to court in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 15 March 2021

You’re on your way to work. It’s just like any other morning. Once you reach the office, you try to clock in, but you’re getting an error message. Out of nowhere,...

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5 things Malaysian tenants can't do without their landlord's permission

by Mikaela A on 10 March 2021

If you rent a place, you would know that besides just paying for the space, you’re also responsible for maintaining it. Now in case you weren’t aware, there aren’t fixed...

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5 tax offences you probably didn't know exist in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 05 March 2021

If you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing a tonne of tax articles lately, that’s because it’s time to file your taxes! As of March 1st 2022, e-Filing for last year’s returns...

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4 tax reliefs you can get in Malaysia in 2021

by Mikaela A on 01 March 2021

Tax season is here—and as of 1st March 2021, you can already start filing your taxes. If you are someone who has to pay taxes, you would know that you can also...

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4 types of property tax you need to pay in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 24 February 2021

It’s that time of the year again: tax season. Those of us who are working will need to file our income taxes, but that’s not the only type of taxes some...

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A Msian court made a homebuyer pay RM30,000 compensation to the developer...but why?

by Mikaela A on 19 February 2021

In the many property developer articles we’re written, you’ll read about some dispute between the homebuyer and the developer. Typically, the stories end with the developer being made to pay the...

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A Malaysian doctor claims he was fired...because he worked part-time elsewhere

by Mikaela A on 15 February 2021

Whenever we write on employment cases, they usually involve employees who were wrongfully or unfairly dismissed by their companies. In many of those cases, the court will find that the employees were indeed...

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Civil Property

Here’s how some Taman Tun residents stopped a condo from being built on their park

by Mikaela A on 09 February 2021

If you’ve been following the news closely, some weeks ago you would have read about the Taman Rimba Kiara case. This case has actually been going on for over 5 years,...

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Sponsored General

5 things Malaysian offices forget to protect themselves from...until it's too late

by Mikaela A on 04 February 2021

When you think of how companies need to protect employees, the first thing that might cross your mind is companies providing medical benefits, annual leave, overtime and so on. While that is true, those...

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Can condo managements in Malaysia force residents to take a Covid-19 test?

by Mikaela A on 03 February 2021

Just recently, there were several news headlines on condos that were making it compulsory for residents to take a Covid-19 test. If the residents failed to produce the test results, they would be...

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5 important changes to Malaysian employment laws that you need to know

by Mikaela A on 29 January 2021

If you’ve read our employment law articles before, you would have seen us mention two sets of laws very often: the Employment Act 1955 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967. While they both...

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In Malaysia, can you claim overtime when working from home?

by Mikaela A on 25 January 2021

With Covid-19 being around for a year now, working from home has become the norm and culture for many companies. While it’s a different experience from working in the office, employees...

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In Msia, what can you do if your neighbour renovates their condo without permission?

by Mikaela A on 18 January 2021

Note: While we mention ‘condo’ in the article, the laws discussed here apply to all strata properties (apartments, flats, other high-rise properties and gated communities). These laws are also only applicable...

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Can employers in Msia cancel your bonuses and other benefits due to the pandemic?

by Mikaela A on 13 January 2021

If you’re an employee, you would agree that workers should be given salary increments and other benefits from time to time. Especially if your contract does mention something about getting...

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In Malaysia, can your company demote you without a reason?

by Mikaela A on 08 January 2021

Who doesn’t love getting a promotion? Those of us in the working world certainly look forward to getting a raise when it’s due. But today we’re looking at the total...

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5 new Malaysian laws that will start in 2021

by Mikaela A on 04 January 2021

Last January, we wrote about some laws that would take effect in 2020. [READ MORE: Here's 5 Malaysian laws you didn't know have started in 2020] 2020 went by in...

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Malaysian courts can auction and sell your property. Here's how it works

by Mikaela A on 29 December 2020

Even if you’ve never participated in an actual auction before, you probably would have seen one on TV. An item will be put up with a base price, and a bunch...

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In Malaysia, can your company prevent you from carrying over your annual leave?

by Mikaela A on 23 December 2020

We’re now approaching the end of the year, and looking at the increase in traffic these days, its safe to say that most people are already on break. But many...

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A Malaysian woman lost her home...because her developer didn’t pay the loan

by Mikaela A on 18 December 2020

Just earlier this week, there was an article by Free Malaysia Today detailing the story of a lady whose house was recently sold off by the bank...even after she already...

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Can Malaysian companies fire employees for being absent from work without notice?

by Mikaela A on 15 December 2020

Picture this: you wake up one morning with a high fever, and you’re unable to get out of bed. You’re supposed to be in at work in two hours, but...

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Can Malaysian condo managements stop you from renting out your unit?

by Mikaela A on 09 December 2020

Let’s say that you recently bought a unit in a newly built condo. The location is great, the facilities are aplenty and it’s the place you’ve always dreamt of having....

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Civil Traffic

5 traffic offences you didn't know exist in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 04 December 2020

If you drive a car, you would have learnt a few road rules when taking your driving exam. But even if you don’t, almost all of us know that road...

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Civil Consumer Contract

This case made it easier to sue carparks over a stolen vehicle in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 30 November 2020

Not too long ago, we wrote an article on whether you can sue a carpark management if your car was broken into while parked in their carpark. [READ MORE: In Malaysia,...

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Civil Consumer Contract

In Malaysia, what can you do if a car dealer is late in delivering your car?

by Mikaela A on 24 November 2020

After months of saving up, you’re finally able to put a down payment on your dream car. You head over to the nearest showroom and proceed with the paperwork. A...

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Civil Property

A Msian man was sued for RM50K for causing cracks and leaks in his neighbour's house

by Mikaela A on 17 November 2020

Unless you’re a hermit, we’ve all had or at least heard of neighbours that are just difficult to live next to. They could be noisy, messy, intrusive, or all of the...

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Here's how an 87-year-old Msian doctor got his job back after being forced to retire

by Mikaela A on 12 November 2020

If you’re still under 60, chances are that retirement isn’t on your mind just yet. But the thing is, retirement is something that at some point, all of us will go...

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This new law gives Malaysian developers more time to complete your home due to the MCO

by Mikaela A on 06 November 2020

With Covid-19 being around for nearly a year now, most of us haven’t been able to do a lot of things that we had planned. One example of this, is if...

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In Malaysia, you may be jailed or fined for leaving your house vacant for too long

by Mikaela A on 03 November 2020

One day, you get a call from the Majlis Perbandaran of a certain area. You happen to have a home there that you haven’t been to in years because it’s...

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Criminal General

A Malaysian woman was caught for prostitution while her client was not...but why?

by Mikaela A on 28 October 2020

More than 3 years ago, we wrote an article on whether prostitution is actually legal in Malaysia, and you give this a read here. The answer isn’t a hard yes or...

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Family General

Domestic abuse victims often rely financially on abusers. How can they get help in Msia?

by Mikaela A on 23 October 2020

Due to the MCO, most Malaysians have had to stay at home. One unintended consequence of this is a sharp increase in domestic violence—as the victims would be trapped at...

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What happens if your signature changes after signing a document in Malaysia?

by Mikaela A on 21 October 2020

One day, you decide to cancel your credit card, so you make your way to the bank. You sign off on the cancellation form, and the bank staff takes it...

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General Education

4 Msian girls are suing their teacher for being absent from school. Here's their story

by Mikaela A on 13 October 2020

[Update: 20/7/2023] The three students have just won their case and were awarded RM150,000 in damages. Siti Nafirah’s case is still ongoing and will continue in August 2023. [Update:23/12/2020] Initially there was just...

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Consumer Criminal General

3 authorities you can report scams to...besides PDRM

by Mikaela A on 07 October 2020

Many of us would have been, or would have almost become victims of scams at some point of our lives. We also know that scammers have only gotten smarter with time by coming up...

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Civil Consumer

In Malaysia, can a business sue you for giving them a bad review?

by Mikaela A on 02 October 2020

Picture this: You’re out having dinner with your friends in this posh new place that just opened. The food arrives and it looks great...until you taste it. You’re surprised at...

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2 ways Malaysians can get more financial help after the moratorium ends

by Mikaela A on 28 September 2020

In the last few months, many Malaysians have been financially affected due to Covid-19. The government came up with some financial aid at the start of the MCO to ease...

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Civil General

In Malaysia, can you sue a transport company for causing you an injury?

by Mikaela A on 22 September 2020

Note: This article was originally published in September 2020, and updated in May 2021.   You might have heard about the LRT (Light Rail Transit) accident last week, where two...

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General Employment

A Malaysian man was fired for failing to update his Jobstreet profile

by Mikaela A on 10 September 2020

If you’re a working adult, you would know how job applications work. Besides just directly applying to the company, you can also apply online through websites like Jobstreet or Monster. If you...

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Consumer General

Here's 5 types of complaints you can make against sellers in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 04 September 2020

Picture this: You’ve just purchased an item online and the seller says it will be delivered within a week. But the weeks turn into months and there’s no sign of...

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What was one of the earliest court cases after Merdeka in 1957? We find out

by Mikaela A on 01 September 2020

At the time of writing, it’s our 63rd Hari Merdeka. We were curious to know what the first court case after Merdeka was, and so we did some research. While it’s...

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4 things you didn't know require a police report in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 26 August 2020

When we talk about police reports, the first thing that comes to mind is that there’s been a serious problem, or that a crime has taken place. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact,...

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Constitution General

A Malaysian girl was denied citizenship because she was born at home

by Mikaela A on 18 August 2020

While most of us were very likely born in hospitals, it’s not uncommon for babies in Malaysia to also be born at home. Regardless of where a baby is born, you...

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Civil General

Can Malaysians actually sue the person who started the Sivagangga cluster?

by Mikaela A on 12 August 2020

Even though Malaysia has entered the recovery stage of Covid-19, there seems to be another wave of the virus—the Sivagangga cluster. This cluster is believed to have been started by a Kedah man who...

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General Property

5 ways Malaysian landlords could be breaking the law

by Mikaela A on 07 August 2020

Despite tenancies being common, up until now, there isn’t a specific law in Malaysia for landlords and tenants. There have been talks of a new tenancy Act, but it’s currently still...

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Civil General Property

A Malaysian family got sued because their CCTV was pointed at the neighbour's house

by Mikaela A on 03 August 2020

If you go to just about any public place, you would easily find surveillance cameras, better known as CCTVs, around. In fact, many homes also have cameras in their compounds for...

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General Property

In Malaysia, what can you do if your condo management increases the maintenance fee?

by Mikaela A on 28 July 2020

Note: Although this article mentions ‘condo’, this law applies to all strata properties—any high rise residential building such as apartments and flats, as well as gated and guarded single-story communities. Imagine...

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General Employment

A Malaysian employee was unfairly fired, so the company had to pay her RM1.13 million

by Mikaela A on 23 July 2020

If you were to get fired today—especially, without a solid reason—would you take take your employer to court? This may surprise you, but many Malaysians do file a case with...

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Constitution General

4 ways Malaysians can permanently lose their citizenship

by Mikaela A on 17 July 2020

If you’re Malaysian, you would likely have these two documents that prove your citizenship: your MyKad and Malaysian passport. Citizenship laws in Malaysia are both complex and extensive, and you...

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What can someone do with your name, MyKad number, address and phone number?

by Mikaela A on 10 July 2020

Almost all of us have shopped online. When we shop, we easily give our name, address and contact number to the seller. Then when the item is delivered to us,...

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Consumer General

Maxis, Digi and 3 other telcos have been fined RM4.6 million...for 'bad service'

by Mikaela A on 06 July 2020

At some point, we’ve all had issues with our telco service providers. Regardless of which telco you use, you would have had some problem with connectivity, billing, and so on. When...

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A student who was bullied is suing her school AND the Malaysian govt for RM2 million

by Mikaela A on 30 June 2020

On 27th June 2020, The Star reported that a student was suing a few people, including her school, for a whopping RM2 million. She was said to have been severely bullied in 2019 by...

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Contract General Property

If a tenant damages your property in Malaysia, here's what you can do

by Mikaela A on 25 June 2020

Imagine this: You own a beautiful apartment in the heart of the city which you’ve rented out. One day you get a text from your tenant saying that an accident...

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General Employment

Malaysian employees may be penalized for discussing their salaries with colleagues

by Mikaela A on 19 June 2020

One day during lunch, you and your colleague start chatting about work. You then end up discussing salaries and your colleague points out that she’s earning lesser than you...even though...

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General Property

Malaysian developers can be allowed to complete your home late...for 3 reasons

by Mikaela A on 15 June 2020

As we all know, in the 3 months of the MCO, most things came to a standstill. Many businesses had to shut down during that time, and this included most of...

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General Employment

This is the government's plan to keep Malaysian employees from losing their jobs

by Mikaela A on 09 June 2020

When the MCO first started in March 2020, the Prime Minister announced an economic stimulus package worth RM250 billion known as PRIHATIN. This package was introduced to help many Malaysians...

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Corporate General

3 things Malaysian employers should know before shutting down their company

by Mikaela A on 02 June 2020

As the economy has been hit hard recently, you might have heard of many Malaysians losing their jobs in the last 2-3 months. While some companies have resorted to laying off...

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General Employment

3 things employees in Msia MUST be given if their company closes permanently

by Mikaela A on 21 May 2020

During this MCO period, we’ve seen many businesses take a hit due to a loss of income. Companies have taken several measures to stay afloat in this time, such as...

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Here are 5 unexpected reasons why Malaysians were arrested for violating the MCO

by Mikaela A on 14 May 2020

We’ve been under the MCO for close to two months now and recently, the Prime Minister announced a conditional MCO that will go on for at least another 3 weeks. Just as the...

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General Property

M'sian landlords may not need to declare tax on rental income. Here's how it works

by Mikaela A on 05 May 2020

Due to Covid-19, the past few months have been financially stressful for a lot of people. As many have lost their jobs and undergone massive pay cuts, the government has offered...

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General Employment

Here's why Msian companies can still cancel your job contract AFTER you sign it

by Mikaela A on 28 April 2020

Note: This article was originally written in April 2020. You’ve been job-searching for months and attended more interviews than you can count. Finally, you get a call from your dream...

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General Employment

If you lost your job during the MCO, here's what you need to know

by Mikaela A on 21 April 2020

The whole world is currently panicking due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As this virus has spread all over the world and forced many countries to go into lockdown, national economies have been...

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We fact-check 5 social media posts that went viral during the MCO

by Mikaela A on 18 April 2020

For the last two to three months, the one thing everyone hasn’t stopped talking about is Covid-19. With things getting more serious over the last few weeks, people are getting more concerned for...

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Consumer General

Can airlines in Malaysia refuse to refund you for cancelling your flight?

by Mikaela A on 14 April 2020

We’re currently experiencing a pandemic due to Covid-19, with close to 2 million being infected worldwide at the time of writing. With 185 countries being affected by this virus so far, many have...

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General Employment

Msians can work during the MCO despite not being in an essential service. Here's how

by Mikaela A on 02 April 2020

As much as many of us love being at home, some of us are waiting for this MCO to end so that we can go back to work. All of us...

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Contract General Property

Can Malaysian tenants get a discount on rent during the MCO?

by Mikaela A on 30 March 2020

At the time of writing, it’s Day 12 of the Movement Control Order (MCO). What was initially supposed to be a two-week order will now be carried out for a whole...

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Consumer General

Here's how Malaysians can report sellers who sell face masks at ridiculous prices

by Mikaela A on 24 March 2020

From the time Covid-19 started, people all around the world having been scrambling to get two things (besides toilet paper): face masks and hand sanitizers. And Malaysians have been doing likewise....

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Criminal General

Leaving your house without a good reason during Covid-19 can get you jailed in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 19 March 2020

Covid-19: the one thing that just about every person has been talking about. And in the last two weeks, we’ve seen a high spike in cases in Malaysia. So to...

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Criminal General

6 reasons Malaysians can be stopped from leaving the country

by Mikaela A on 16 March 2020

You’re waiting in the Immigration queue at KLIA, and in just 2 hours, you’ll be off for your holiday to the Maldives. You’re so excited, that you can’t wait to...

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Here are 4 things that used to be legal in Malaysia... but are illegal now

by Mikaela A on 10 March 2020

If you were to trace back on how Malaysia's laws are what they are today, you'd have to look back at least 600 years into the past. During that time,...

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Criminal General

Here are 3 things that can happen if someone reports you to PDRM

by Mikaela A on 05 March 2020

It’s Saturday night and you’re at home with your family watching TV. Then you hear the doorbell ring. You think it’s the GrabFood delivery guy, but much to your surprise...

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General Property

Just got the keys? Here are 5 things Msian developers must do for your new home

by Mikaela A on 28 February 2020

You’ve just received a letter from your developer saying that the new home you purchased is now ready! You’re all excited to move in. But did you know that there...

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General Employment

A Msian stewardess was fired for being 'fat' AND the court agreed with the airline

by Mikaela A on 25 February 2020

Disclaimer: The airline had never referred to the flight supervisor as being ‘fat’. She had merely exceeded the weight limit for cabin crew. We used the word ‘fat’ for a...

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General Property

Can you get your money back if your uncompleted condo collapses in Msia?

by Mikaela A on 20 February 2020

If you read the news on 14th February 2020, you might know about a condo that collapsed in Taman Desa. Portions of the condo, which was still being built, collapsed during...

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General Employment

Can Malaysian companies cut your pay without giving you notice?

by Mikaela A on 14 February 2020

It’s pay day, and you’re glad because you finally don’t have to be broke… for another few weeks at least. You have a whole lot of bills to pay but you’re...

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Civil Consumer General

Can you sue an airline in Malaysia for losing your luggage?

by Mikaela A on 11 February 2020

Note: This law actually applies to any airline, Malaysian or foreign, as long as you had flown to or from Malaysia. After a long 12-hour flight, you’ve finally landed in...

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A Penang man gave the best reason when he was caught selling erotic books in 1963...

by Mikaela A on 04 February 2020

Every now and then we chance upon an interesting case that gives us the giggles for days, and this time we found one from over 50 years ago. The 1963...

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Civil General

Why is Indira Gandhi suing the current IGP for something the ex-IGP failed to do?

by Mikaela A on 31 January 2020

If you’re one to closely follow the news in Malaysia, you would most likely know who Indira Gandhi is. She made headlines when she fought for the custody of her children...

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General Civil Criminal

In Malaysia, can you be punished for breaking a law you didn't know exists?

by Mikaela A on 29 January 2020

Picture this: you’re out with your friends having a cigarette. Suddenly, a PDRM officer comes up to you telling you that you’ve committed an offence for smoking in a non-smoking zone. You’re...

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General Property

4 things your condo management can sue YOU for in Malaysia

by Mikaela A on 16 January 2020

*Applicable to strata properties in West Malaysia and the Federal Territory in Labuan. Strata properties are condos, apartments, flats, any high- rise property and gated property. If you’re an ardent...

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Civil General Property

5 things Malaysian condo owners can sue their management for

by Mikaela A on 02 January 2020

Note: Although we mention “condo management” throughout this article, this law also applies to apartments, flats, any high rise property and also gated properties in Malaysia. If you live in...

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Constitution General Criminal

If PDRM arrests you, do you have the right to remain silent?

by Mikaela A on 27 December 2019

Picture this: you’re out having dinner with your friends and suddenly, a group of men in blue – PDRM – come up to you, informing you that you are under arrest. You’re too...

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Criminal General

Can lie detector results of Anwar's accuser be used as evidence in court?

by Mikaela A on 20 December 2019

In crime movies, if the police manage to arrest the suspect, you would most likely see him being interrogated after that. When the suspect doesn’t want to confess or share any...

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Civil General

In 2004, a Malaysian man sued his dad for not paying his school fees. Here's how it ended

by Mikaela A on 13 December 2019

Pretty much all of us have had misunderstandings and disagreements with our family members. We might be highly irritated with them and not want to talk to them. Or, we...

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General Employment

In Malaysia, can you withdraw your resignation letter after submitting it?

by Mikaela A on 06 December 2019

Imagine this: One day, you get into an argument with your boss and, in an impulsive decision, you decide to quit. You send out an e-mail to your whole team, including your boss, saying you’re...

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Constitution General

Here's how a 'non-Muslim' religious group sued JAIS in court and won the case

by Mikaela A on 26 June 2019

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia]   Many of us would have heard of the name JAIS before but, if you have no idea who they are, they are the...

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PERHILITAN wants to improve wildlife protection laws, and they want your suggestions!

by Mikaela A on 10 June 2019

A few days into June 2019, social media was abuzz with the news of a sun bear that was spotted in a condo in Kuala Lumpur. Rewind a few days before...

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Constitution General

The case of suspected misconduct by 6 EC members during GE14 was dropped. But why?

by Mikaela A on 29 May 2019

GE14 was historic because for the very first time, we had a change in government. But many of us who were eagerly waiting for the results remember that it took...

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Constitution General

Is it illegal to be an atheist in Malaysia?

by Mikaela A on 28 May 2019

The Rukun Negara is something all of us had to say every Monday morning during our school assemblies. But how many of us actually understood what was being said, instead...

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Civil General

In Malaysia, can you cut your neighbour's tree if it grows into your compound… and steal its fruit?

by Mikaela A on 24 May 2019

[Klik sini untuk artikel Bahasa Malaysia]   So it’s been awhile since your neighbour’s mango tree has been growing over your fence. You’ve been putting up with it all this...

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Civil Contract Corporate General

AirAsia wanted to sue KLIA2 but ended up suing the Aviation Commission... wait, what?

by Mikaela A on 22 May 2019

In mid May 2019, it was announced that AirAsia and its sister company AirAsia X were going to take MAVCOM to court. AirAsia wasn’t going to sue MAVCOM in court. Instead it...

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Criminal General

Encouraging someone to commit suicide is a crime in Malaysia....even by Instagram poll

by Mikaela A on 16 May 2019

On May 13th 2019, a teenager committed suicide by jumping off the 3rd floor of a shop lot. Her death made global headlines because she had run a poll on Instagram asking...

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Consumer General

Digi and Celcom are planning to merge. How will this affect their customers?

by Mikaela A on 09 May 2019

Note: This article was originally written in May 2019. So a few days ago, you might have heard of the news that Digi and Celcom are going to merge to become...

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Certain home renovations in Malaysia may not require permits. Here's why

by Mikaela A on 07 May 2019

Be it building a wall, redoing the tiles or extending our porch, almost all of us would have had our homes renovated at some point in time. It seems like...

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Civil General

Is it illegal to record the PDRM when they stop you at a roadblock?

by Mikaela A on 02 May 2019

Most times, when we want to prove something or use something as evidence, the first thing we would do is to take out our phones and start recording or snapping...

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Can the Malaysian government take your property if you die without a will?

by Mikaela A on 24 April 2019

Note: This article was originally written in April 2019. Will-writing has been around for the longest time and has been a practice in many cultures. However, many don’t like talking...

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Civil Constitution Family General

The Malaysian government was sued by a 6 year old in 2014. Here's what happened

by Mikaela A on 16 April 2019

(Update on 27/09/2019: After an 11 year wait, Yu Sheng Meng finally received a letter approving his citizenship from the Home Ministry. Yu was granted his citizenship under Article 15A...

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Can ambulances in Malaysia be sued if they arrive late?

by Mikaela A on 28 March 2019

  Imagine if you were a patient or the family member of a patient who needed to get to the hospital urgently. The ambulance arrived, but on the way to the...

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Civil General Property

Can condo managements in Malaysia be sued for letting your condo become run down?

by Mikaela A on 11 March 2019

  The weather’s perfect and you’re thinking of going for a swim. You get to the pool, all ready to jump in when you notice that the pool looks disgusting....