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5 ways legal moneylenders in Malaysia are different from Ah Longs

3 days ago JS Lim

Do they also splash red paint if you don't pay up?


What can you do if you bought fake food in Malaysia?

5 days ago Denise C.

Some of these fake foods result in disastrous consequences.

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If an event gets cancelled in Malaysia, can you get a refund?

12 days ago JS Lim

Does the organiser have the right to cancel in the first place?

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Are Malaysian Telcos responsible for the Lowyat data breach? Can we sue them?

25 days ago JS Lim

A lawyer tells us the telcos need to fulfill security requirements, or else...

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What private car modifications are illegal in Malaysia?

about 1 month ago chiahoong lim

Protip: A lot of them are not okay