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If you get overcharged for nasi campur, can you refuse to pay?

14 days ago JS Lim

It's apparently illegal for them to not show their prices


6 ways to avoid scams when trading online in Malaysia

27 days ago Denise C.

How do you protect yourself when scams are multiplying faster than rabbits?

Consumer General

If there's a fly in your teh tarik, you can sue because of a Scottish snail

about 1 month ago chiahoong lim

The escargot you never wanted

Consumer General

Some Malaysian tuition centres are actually illegal! But how do you tell?

about 1 month ago JS Lim

Even running a school or learning centre requires a license.

Consumer Criminal

This genius marketing idea might be illegal in Malaysia.

about 1 month ago JS Lim

Looks, feels, and sounds like a saman. But isn't a saman!

Consumer General

5 consumer rights you didn't know you had in Malaysia

about 2 months ago chiahoong lim

Be a consumer, but don't be consumed by corporations

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Is Bitcoin legal in Malaysia?

about 2 months ago JS Lim

Can you pay for stuff with Bitcoin?


What can you do if you bought fake baby formula (or any other food) in Malaysia?

2 months ago Denise C.

A baby spent 2 weeks in the hospital after being given fake baby formula