What private car modifications are illegal in Malaysia?

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Are you legally required to vaccinate your child in Malaysia?

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How do I know if medicine and cosmetics in Malaysia are safe to use?

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This Malaysian scam is scary... because you get called by the "PDRM" or "Bank Negara"

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If your doctor has no license in Malaysia, here's what you can do

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5 ways you can (possibly) get around a no refund policy in Malaysia

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The law does not care if it's "company policy"

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Renting in Malaysia? Here are 5 common legal problems you can easily avoid

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Actually, what are all those deposits you have to pay?

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Do you lose all your money if your bank gets robbed or goes bankrupt?

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Here’s why Malaysian pharmacies might refuse to sell you certain medicines

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5 common sales tactics used in Malaysia that are actually illegal

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