If your doctor has no license in Malaysia, here's what you can do

by chiahoong lim 2 days ago

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Consumer Contract

5 ways you can (possibly) get around a no refund policy in Malaysia

13 days ago JS Lim

The law does not care if it's "company policy"

Consumer Contract Property

Renting in Malaysia? Here are 5 common legal problems you can easily avoid

14 days ago Denise C.

Actually, what are all those deposits you have to pay?

Consumer General Banking

Do you lose all your money if your bank gets robbed or goes bankrupt?

28 days ago Denise C.

Good news is, you can actually get some of your money back.


Here’s why Malaysian pharmacies might refuse to sell you certain medicines

about 2 months ago JS Lim

They don't want to make life difficult, they just have some rules they need to follow.


5 common sales tactics used in Malaysia that are actually illegal

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Businesses need to be upfront about their prices, and that includes GST


Once broken considered sold - Must I really pay for what I break?

3 months ago Denise C.

Can store owners make you pay for things you break or drop?


How do I use the Malaysian PDPA to stop telemarketers from calling me?

3 months ago JS Lim

The PDPA gives you 7 rights when companies collect your personal data, and they need your permission to use it.


If your bank messes up, the Malaysian Ombudsman can help you "sue" for free!

3 months ago widyasherk

Did you know there's a way to resolve banking disputes without going to court or hiring lawyers?