What items are duty-free at Malaysian customs, and what happens if you exceed the limit?

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Do your goods get confiscated, or are you fined...?


5 things that will happen in Malaysia when GST goes to 0%

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GST was actually good for detecting fraud

Consumer Property

What do "Free Legal Fees" really mean when buying property in Malaysia?

about 2 months ago KimberlyW.

A part of it is free, at least.


Is it legal for Malaysian shops to charge you extra for paying by card?

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For credit cards, the surcharge can be from 1-3%


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Your baggage might be lost, but hope is not!


Can you sue for a misleading advertisement in Malaysia?

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Expecting the... unexpected in products

Consumer Property

Have you ever bought a house in Malaysia and had no idea what you signed?

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So many documents but what in the world do they do?