What can the Kad OKU be used for... and how do you get one?

4 days ago sookning

We tend to think of OKU as physical disabilities, but they cover mental disability as well


Is child labour illegal in Malaysia? You might be surprised.

5 days ago parikiah

Children are allowed to work in limited situations.


If I get into a car accident, can I go to the nearest Balai Polis instead of stopping?

7 days ago JS Lim

Will you get reported as a hit-and-run even if you go make a report as well?

Criminal General

Adakah penyembur lada (pepper spray) sah dari segi undang-undang?

8 days ago AzwanFaiz

Untuk perlindungan diri sahaja, so boleh kan?

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5 sources of income that are tax free in Malaysia

11 days ago JS Lim

Even scholarships are considered income.

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In Malaysia, "insanity" is not the best excuse for a crime. Here's why.

14 days ago chiahoong lim

Proving insanity is not as simple as just saying you're insane

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5 common Malaysian tax offences you don’t want to accidentally commit

15 days ago JS Lim

Should you file your taxes even if you're not paying?


If your dog bites a robber in Malaysia, can you get sued or taken to jail?

18 days ago KimberlyW.

If your dog bites a robber, can the law bite you back?