Contract General

5 ways you could sabotage your own court case

6 days ago JS Lim

Somethings you do could forfeit your right to compensation


5 Things you didn’t know can get you in trouble at the next Malaysian General Election

12 days ago parikiah

Voting is easy, but so is getting trouble with the law by unknowingly committing any of these 5 mistakes during the next election

Consumer General

If an event gets cancelled in Malaysia, can you get a refund?

12 days ago JS Lim

Does the organiser have the right to cancel in the first place?

Constitution Criminal General

Malaysian courts got rid of the jury system in 1995 because of a...bomoh??

12 days ago chiahoong lim

We actually don't have a jury system now!

Criminal General

If you get an uninvited guest in Malaysia, can you call the police?

14 days ago JS Lim

Crashing a wedding dinner might actually be a crime...

Criminal General

What is an unnatural death and why does the PDRM get involved?

19 days ago chiahoong lim

There's a process to find out someone's cause of death.