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Criminal General

If the Agong or Sultan made a mistake, is it seditious to point it out?

2 days ago JS Lim

It depends whether you're giving feedback, or just being insulting


Can Malaysian students study law through comics and manga?

9 days ago shahrulmizan

Dr. Shahrul Mizan Ismail writes about his novel way of approaching legal education

Criminal General

Can Malaysian plainclothes police stop or arrest you?

16 days ago JS Lim

They look just like normal people, so how do we know?


6 common things (some) Malaysian pet owners do - that are actually illegal!

17 days ago parikiah

Here are a few things that could potentially get pet owners in trouble with the law.


Is it legal to cycle on Malaysian highways?

20 days ago JS Lim

It's dangerous but if you really wanted to, is it allowed?


If you hit a double parked car in Malaysia, who's wrong?

22 days ago chiahoong lim

Does it make a difference whether it's an accident or on purpose?


If you illegally drive on the emergency lane in Malaysia and get hit, who's wrong?

25 days ago JS Lim

If you were not supposed to be there in the first place, are you still a victim?

Consumer General Banking

Do you lose all your money if your bank gets robbed or goes bankrupt?

28 days ago Denise C.

Good news is, you can actually get some of your money back.