Apa beza wasiat orang Islam dan bukan Islam di Malaysia?

by adlykiddy 11 days ago

Consumer Family General

Are you legally required to vaccinate your child in Malaysia?

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The answer might surprise you.


5 ways Muslims can get divorced in Malaysia

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5 different ways for 5 different situations

Family Property

If I divorce in malaysia, do I automatically get half the property?

2 months ago Denise C.

Did you know that even property you bought on your own can be divided?


5 loopholes that Malaysian domestic violence victims no longer have to worry about

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Domestic violence victims can now get better protection


5 Malaysian marriage laws you (probably) didn't know about

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Did you know having multiple wives is still legal for some Non-Muslims in Malaysia?


‘Preserving’ And ‘Restoring’ Fertility For Women: Should We Be Worried?

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Several methods are available to help women wishing to postpone pregnancy for various grounds, particularly on health reason.


Your Children's Rights Under CRC

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The rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) can be classified into 4 different groups.


VIDEO: Nursery Crimes (Chinese Version)

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VIDEO: Nursery Crimes (Bahasa Malaysia Version)

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Hapuskan Penderaan Seksual Kanak-Kanak di Malaysia