How did a snail from the UK leave its trail across Malaysian law?

by chiahoong lim about 15 hours ago

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Consumer General

Some Malaysian tuition centres are actually illegal! But how do you tell?

1 day ago JS Lim

Even running a school or learning centre requires a license.


Apa yang boleh kamu buat jika kamu tak mampu mengupah peguam?

3 days ago

Jangan risau sebab ada 3 jenis bantuan guaman di Malaysia.


If tenants don't pay rent, what can Malaysian landlords do?

3 days ago marcuslml

Do you send a bullet or splash some red paint?


Malaysians can now hire maids ONLINE. Here's how.

5 days ago chiahoong lim

Bypass the agencies, you can do it yourself now!

Consumer Criminal

This genius marketing idea might be illegal in Malaysia.

7 days ago JS Lim

Looks, feels, and sounds like a saman. But isn't a saman!


How do bankruptcy proceedings work in Malaysia?

9 days ago Denise C.

A child can technically be declared bankrupt as well.

Criminal General

Is it a crime to watch porn online in Malaysia?

10 days ago chiahoong lim

The world has moved on from VHSs and VCDs


If you commit a crime in Malaysia, how can you get the judge go easy on you?

11 days ago JS Lim

They'll even consider your age, marital status, and income.