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Criminal General

If the Agong or Sultan made a mistake, is it seditious to point it out?

2 days ago JS Lim

It depends whether you're giving feedback, or just being insulting


Are there laws that tell police when to fire their guns in Malaysia?

5 days ago Denise C.

Do they just shoot whoever, whenever?


If a company in Malaysia fails, can I sue the directors?

7 days ago Denise C.

How do you know if your directors are doing their jobs?


What happens if you can no longer work after getting into an accident in Malaysia?

8 days ago chiahoong lim

What can you claim from the person who hits you?


Can Malaysian students study law through comics and manga?

9 days ago shahrulmizan

Dr. Shahrul Mizan Ismail writes about his novel way of approaching legal education

Contract Corporate Employment

Can Malaysian employers stop their ex-staff from joining a competitor?

9 days ago JS Lim

This is written in almost every Malaysian employment contract.

Civil Criminal

Adakah pukul dan tahan PENCURI salah di sisi undang-undang?!

10 days ago adlykiddy

Dari segi undang-undang kekerasan dibenarkan tapi ada hadnya. Nak tahu? Tekan untuk baca.

Consumer Contract

5 ways you can (possibly) get around a no refund policy in Malaysia

13 days ago JS Lim

The law does not care if it's "company policy"