What happens if your opponent doesn't "show up" in court in Malaysia?

by chiahoong lim about 9 hours ago

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Some Malaysians are released after getting arrested for a crime. Here's why

1 day ago Denise C.

Does an arrest automatically mean jail time?


A beginner’s guide to terms used in the Malaysian stock market

1 day ago dineshsadhwani

IPO, Underwriting agreement, Retail offering - What do these words mean??!


How do you make sure your pet is safe in a Malaysian pet hotel?

7 days ago Denise C.

Holidays are meant to be relaxing for us, make it the same for our pets.

Criminal General

Is it illegal to gamble at home in Malaysia?

8 days ago chiahoong lim

Is it okay if you don't use real money?

Criminal General

Why do some Malaysians get arrested for killing robbers in self defense?

9 days ago UiHua

Right to self defense in Malaysia may not be what we think it is...

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What are Malaysia's laws on drinking and driving?

12 days ago chiahoong lim

Beer is a no-no, water's fine

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Have you ever bought a house in Malaysia and had no idea what you signed?

13 days ago Denise C.

So many documents but what in the world do they do?

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If you get overcharged for nasi campur, can you refuse to pay?

14 days ago JS Lim

It's apparently illegal for them to not show their prices

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Can the PDRM use torture to make you admit that you committed a crime?

15 days ago chiahoong lim

Waterboarding, cili padi, everything's on the menu!