Do you lose all your money if your bank gets robbed or goes bankrupt?

by DeniseC about 5 hours ago

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A lawyer asked his client to google a legal term. He immediately regretted it

2 days ago JS Lim

And 4 other terms Google Images fails to explain

Contract Employment

Are you a Malaysian freelancer who's NOT getting PAID!? Here's what you can do.

3 days ago DeniseC

Also, how do I know if I am considered a freelancer or an employee?

General Property

How does Malaysia ensure that its buildings are safe to live in?

5 days ago DeniseC

Does Malaysia even check to see if their buildings are safe to live in?


Isu Perlindungan Orang Terpinggir Secara Dalaman (IDP) di Malaysia

6 days ago afiqahmad10

Dalam setiap negara membangun, terdapat juga orang terpinggir atas nama kemiskinan, kurang pendidikan, rasisme.


Are there laws that can stop North Korea from testing missiles?

6 days ago JS Lim

Who can go after Kim Jong Un for firing missiles over Japan?


Are ambulances allowed to beat red traffic lights in Malaysia?

7 days ago JS Lim

Are they allowed to break traffic rules?


Mengutuk orang di laman sosial boleh mengakibatkan masa dalam penjara

8 days ago Amanda Ang

Takpe kalau betul, asalkan bukan khabar angin atau bohong.

Industrial Employment

Is it legal for my boss to make me work on a Malaysian public holiday?

8 days ago DeniseC

Do I get double pay or triple pay or an extra day off?