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Consumer General Banking

5 ways legal moneylenders in Malaysia are different from Ah Longs

1 day ago JS Lim

Do they also splash red paint if you don't pay up?


What can you do if you bought fake food in Malaysia?

3 days ago Denise C.

Some of these fake foods result in disastrous consequences.

Contract General

5 ways you could sabotage your own court case

5 days ago JS Lim

Somethings you do could forfeit your right to compensation


If someone borrows money and doesn't pay you back, Malaysian law can help

6 days ago Denise C.

Plus, it can be done without lawyers!


Bagaimana kes bunuh di Singapura mengubah system perundangan kes bunuh di Malaysia?

8 days ago

Mereka mengatakan bahawa kes bunuh yang sempurna ialah kes bunuh tanpa mayat. Tapi betulkah persepsi ini?


Is it a crime to sleep with someone in Malaysia if you have HIV?

9 days ago Denise C.

If someone sleeps with you without revealing their HIV status, they might be liable for a crime.


5 Things you didn’t know can get you in trouble at the next Malaysian General Election

10 days ago parikiah

Voting is easy, but so is getting trouble with the law by unknowingly committing any of these 5 mistakes during the next election