GE14 caused a constitutional crisis in Sabah. Here's what it's about

1 day ago RhoshvinSingh

It similar to something that happened in 2009...

General Intellectual Property

What laws do you need to obey when cosplaying in Malaysia?

2 days ago JS Lim

Carrying a prop weapon around is fine, right...?


5 things that will happen in Malaysia when GST goes to 0%

3 days ago JS Lim

GST was actually good for detecting fraud


Is it legal for Private Investigators to spy on you in Malaysia?

7 days ago UiHua

Private Investigators do operate in Malaysia... you just don't see them.

5 legal reasons you should never take part in a Sambung Bayar deal

8 days ago JS Lim

Both buyers and sellers can face more trouble than they expected.


Actually, why are there no lawyer advertisements in Malaysia?

9 days ago Denise C.

They actually have a whole bunch of rules to follow.


5 legal "lifehacks" to win a lawsuit faster in Malaysian courts.

11 days ago Denise C.

It's like a Pokemon cheat code, but better