What is motive and is it necessary to prove a crime in Malaysia?

3 days ago Denise C.

Not to be confused with motif.


Here's what law students in Malaysia have to go through to become a lawyer

4 days ago Denise C.

A certain kind of clerk can become lawyers too.


What's extradition, and is it hard to bring a Malaysian criminal back from overseas?

5 days ago JS Lim

We've had a few high profile extradition cases like that of Sirul in Altantuya's murder

General Industrial Employment

Have nightmares freelancing in Malaysia? Here’s how a contract can help you

9 days ago JS Lim

Contracts actually can be written in plain language. But they must be written clearly.

Criminal General

Apakah kuasa Polis Bantuan di Malaysia?

13 days ago Clarence Kuna

Bagaimana mereka bantu polis?