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Apakah kuasa Polis Bantuan di Malaysia?

9 days ago Clarence Kuna

Bagaimana mereka bantu polis?


What type of protection do whistleblowers get in Malaysia?

12 days ago JS Lim

Pakatan Harapan wants to reform some glaring flaws in this law


Dari segi undang-undang, "pencuri" Low Yat didapati tidak bersalah kerana...

16 days ago Clarence Kuna

Apa kaitan pencurian dengan isu teknikal?

Criminal General

Bolehkah PDRM menjalankan pemeriksaan tubuh ke atas anda tanpa waran?

22 days ago Clarence Kuna

Sebenarnya ada 4 jenis pemeriksaan tubuh...

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5 ways one new law is protecting Malaysian children from sexual abuse

about 1 month ago Arjun

This law closed many legal loopholes for child predators


A Malaysian murder suspect was found innocent because of...bad body odour

about 2 months ago Denise C.

When they said someone had killer B.O, they never meant it literally

Criminal General

You can cut a deal in Malaysian court to get a lighter sentence, but is it worth it?

2 months ago JS Lim

This discount comes with pretty major terms and conditions