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Are there laws that tell police when to fire their guns in Malaysia?

5 days ago Denise C.

Do they just shoot whoever, whenever?

Civil Criminal

Adakah pukul dan tahan PENCURI salah di sisi undang-undang?!

10 days ago adlykiddy

Dari segi undang-undang kekerasan dibenarkan tapi ada hadnya. Nak tahu? Tekan untuk baca.

Criminal General

Can Malaysian plainclothes police stop or arrest you?

16 days ago JS Lim

They look just like normal people, so how do we know?


How are incest laws in Malaysia related to statutory rape?

21 days ago Denise C.

Incest and statutory rape can go hand-in-hand but they are also separate crimes.


7 rape scenarios found in Malaysian law that you probably didn't know about

24 days ago Denise C.

In some cases, it is still rape even if the victim says yes.


Is prostitution illegal in Malaysia? You might be blown by the answer.

about 1 month ago Denise C.

Actually, can you be caught for looking for prostitutes?


There's no law against upskirt recording in Malaysia. So what can we do?

about 2 months ago JS Lim

These perverts are clearly doing something wrong, so what can we do about them?


It's illegal to discuss Malaysia's official secrets...but what's an official secret?

about 2 months ago Denise C.

Did you know that evidence of ghosts was once declared an official secret?


If you commit a crime overseas and came back to Malaysia, how can you be punished?

about 2 months ago Denise C.

You might even have to serve out your jail sentence in a foreign country!