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You can cut a deal in Malaysian court to get a lighter sentence, but is it worth it?

8 days ago JS Lim

This discount comes with pretty major terms and conditions

Criminal General

"Asking a question is not considered fake news in Malaysia". Loophole or #fakenews?

13 days ago UiHua

Apparently asking "is this true?" won't get you in trouble for sharing fake news


If guilty, you don't have to serve your full sentence in Malaysia because.... Discounts

14 days ago Denise C.

It's not like bargaining for cheaper deals though.


Did you know Malaysia has a special court for CHILDREN who commit crimes?

16 days ago marcuslml

There's Sessions Court, High Court and...... Children Court?

Criminal General

4 ways a witness in Malaysian court can remain silent (without getting in trouble)

20 days ago Arjun

Usually, you'll get in trouble for refusing to testify


If you find money on the street in Malaysia, can you legally keep it?

30 days ago JS Lim

People don't write their names on money, so how?