Civil Criminal

What is the difference between a summons and a warrant in Malaysia?

12 days ago Denise C.

Did you know that a summons can turn into a police warrant?

Criminal General

Can you legally carry weapons for self-defence in Malaysia?

13 days ago JS Lim

If you're a chef, is it okay to keep your knives in the car?

Criminal General

Genting Casinos caused a law to be changed... in the UK??

16 days ago JS Lim

There was a plot to cheat, just like in the movies!


How the Life of Pi influenced Malaysian laws on cannibalism

24 days ago chiahoong lim

Can you eat someone if you had no other choice? We look at a case that happened in 1880's...

Criminal General Traffic

If someone parks in front of your house in Malaysia, what can you do?

26 days ago Denise C.

Smashing their windscreen is not an option.


A Singaporean case changed Malaysia's law on murder... But how?

28 days ago Denise C.

They say the perfect crime is one where there is no body. But is it?

Consumer Criminal

This Malaysian scam is scary... because you get called by the "PDRM" or "Bank Negara"

about 1 month ago UiHua

Here are 5 ways to spot a scam if you ever receive one of these calls

Criminal General

If the Agong or Sultan made a mistake, is it seditious to point it out?

about 1 month ago JS Lim

It depends whether you're giving feedback, or just being insulting


Are there laws that tell police when to fire their guns in Malaysia?

about 1 month ago Denise C.

Do they just shoot whoever, whenever?