Civil General Property

If you find an antique coin in Malaysia, can you legally keep it?

13 days ago parikiah

Here's why you should think twice before putting it in your pocket.

Consumer Property

What do "Free Legal Fees" really mean when buying property in Malaysia?

about 2 months ago KimberlyW.

A part of it is free, at least.


Can neighbourhood guards block roads in Malaysia?

3 months ago Denise C.

It is not illegal but it is pretty technical.


Strata title vs individual title - how does it affect Malaysian landowners?

4 months ago Denise C.

Land law is pretty wide but here's some basics.

Consumer Property

Have you ever bought a house in Malaysia and had no idea what you signed?

4 months ago Denise C.

So many documents but what in the world do they do?


If tenants don't pay rent, what can Malaysian landlords do?

5 months ago marcuslml

Do you send a bullet or splash some red paint?

General Property

If your tenant doesn't pay the electric bill after renting, what can you do?

7 months ago Denise C.

You definitely don't want to be paying for something you didn't use.

Civil Family General Property

Are Malaysian "family trusts" only for rich people?

7 months ago JS Lim

In fact, we use them everyday. Sort of.