5 perkara yang anda tidak tahu boleh membawa anda masalah dalam pilihan raya Malaysia

16 days ago Khaliq

Mengundi tu senang, tapi mengundang kesalahan pilihanraya senang juga


Did you know Malaysia has a special court for CHILDREN who commit crimes?

16 days ago marcuslml

There's Sessions Court, High Court and...... Children Court?

General Traffic

If you get into an accident with an ambulance in Malaysia, are you automatically wrong?

17 days ago UiHua

It's possible to sue for compensation if you get injured

Criminal General

4 ways a witness in Malaysian court can remain silent (without getting in trouble)

20 days ago Arjun

Usually, you'll get in trouble for refusing to testify


If Malaysia has a disagreement with another country, how do they settle it?

21 days ago Arjun

There's a little something called treaties....


Is it legal for Malaysian shops to charge you extra for paying by card?

24 days ago JS Lim

For credit cards, the surcharge can be from 1-3%