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Criminal General

Can you legally carry weapons for self-defence in Malaysia?

13 days ago JS Lim

If you're a chef, is it okay to keep your knives in the car?

Consumer Family General

Are you legally required to vaccinate your child in Malaysia?

13 days ago chiahoong lim

The answer might surprise you.

General Employment Sponsored

7 jobs you can get with a law degree in Malaysia (besides being a lawyer)

14 days ago Sponsored Content

How did law help these 7 ex-lawyers in their new jobs?

Criminal General

Genting Casinos caused a law to be changed... in the UK??

16 days ago JS Lim

There was a plot to cheat, just like in the movies!

General Employment

Malaysia's new insurance system automatically deducts your salary but...for what?

18 days ago Denise C.

It does not protect you from accidents but from something potentially scarier.

Industrial Employment

If your boss refuses to pay you in Malaysia, what can you do?

19 days ago chiahoong lim

Good news is, you won't have to camp outside his office


5 ways Muslims can get divorced in Malaysia

20 days ago JS Lim

5 different ways for 5 different situations


How do I know if medicine and cosmetics in Malaysia are safe to use?

21 days ago Denise C.

Is it through those weird, shiny stickers?


How the Life of Pi influenced Malaysian laws on cannibalism

24 days ago chiahoong lim

Can you eat someone if you had no other choice? We look at a case that happened in 1880's...