If you sue someone, Malaysian courts can let you raid their house to get evidence

15 days ago Denise C.

Under certain circumstances, of course


Dari segi undang-undang, "pencuri" Low Yat didapati tidak bersalah kerana...

16 days ago Clarence Kuna

Apa kaitan pencurian dengan isu teknikal?


What items are duty-free at Malaysian customs, and what happens if you exceed the limit?

19 days ago JS Lim

Do your goods get confiscated, or are you fined...?


If a freak accident makes you break a contract, can you get sued under M'sian law?

21 days ago Jeremy S.

Sometimes even your contract can get frustrated


5 things Malaysian employers pay on top of your monthly salary

21 days ago JS Lim

There's EPF of course, but some companies also pay for the HRDF

Criminal General

Bolehkah PDRM menjalankan pemeriksaan tubuh ke atas anda tanpa waran?

22 days ago Clarence Kuna

Sebenarnya ada 4 jenis pemeriksaan tubuh...


What is a Malaysian Commissioner for Oaths and what do they do?

26 days ago JS Lim

You might have seen signs here and there bearing this name.


GE14 caused a constitutional crisis in Sabah. Here's what it's about

27 days ago RhoshvinSingh

It similar to something that happened in 2009...