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If you want to sue someone in Malaysia, what happens if they ignore you?

15 days ago Denise C.

Is it like the movies where someone asks who you are and hands you papers?


Which Malaysian business type should you choose for your company?

15 days ago dineshsadhwani

Your choice can affect things like how much you pay in taxes.


Why do Malaysian lawyers and judges dress so funny?

17 days ago chiahoong lim

Wigs and robes, shoes and soles


If Ah Long ads are illegal in Malaysia, why do we keep seeing them?

17 days ago JS Lim

Is there a law to stop people from putting up these ads? And what the heck is a cheese massage??🧀🐀

Constitution Criminal General

5 unresolved legal issues Malaysia can put on the 2018 bucket list

21 days ago chiahoong lim

We've made some good progress this year, but there's always room for improvement :)

Civil Criminal

What to do if you can't afford a lawyer in Malaysia?

23 days ago Denise C.

Do you just resign yourself to your fate?

Consumer General

5 consumer rights you didn't know you had in Malaysia

24 days ago chiahoong lim

Be a consumer, but don't be consumed by corporations

Consumer General Banking

Is Bitcoin legal in Malaysia?

25 days ago JS Lim

Can you pay for stuff with Bitcoin?