Banyak masalah buat kerja freelance kat Malaysia? Kontrak dapat membantu anda

by Clarence Kuna 10 days ago

Criminal General

How to perform a citizen's arrest in Malaysia

11 days ago Arjun

You don't need handcuffs

Criminal General Traffic

Apa anda boleh buat jika ada yang meletak kenderaan mereka di hadapan rumah anda?

12 days ago Clarence Kuna

Nak pecahkan tingkap kereta mereka? Jaaaangaaaan....

Criminal Family

Malaysian law doesn't protect wives from getting raped by their's why

13 days ago Denise C.

The answer is more historical than anything.


7 things Malaysians forget to do after they get into a traffic accident

14 days ago JS Lim

You might not even think of it, but it could turn out to be really important...