Ghostbusting in Malaysia can get you busted by the PDRM. Here's how to avoid it.

30 days ago parikiah

Going after spooky things may give you more trouble than you think – not just supernaturally, but legally too!

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If someone parks in front of your house in Malaysia, what can you do?

about 1 month ago Denise C.

Smashing their windscreen is not an option.


7 things people do at mamak shops you didn’t know were illegal

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These usually only apply to the rare troublemaker


Do local councils have the power to put down dogs in Malaysia?

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Canine lives matter!

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Is there freedom of speech in Malaysia if you can get arrested for Facebook posts?

about 1 month ago UiHua

Plus how to avoid getting in trouble, in 2 easy steps!

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If the Agong or Sultan made a mistake, is it seditious to point it out?

about 1 month ago JS Lim

It depends whether you're giving feedback, or just being insulting


Can Malaysian students study law through comics and manga?

about 2 months ago shahrulmizan

Dr. Shahrul Mizan Ismail writes about his novel way of approaching legal education

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Can Malaysian plainclothes police stop or arrest you?

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They look just like normal people, so how do we know?


6 common things (some) Malaysian pet owners do - that are actually illegal!

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Here are a few things that could potentially get pet owners in trouble with the law.