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JS Lim

Jie Sheng knows a little bit about a lot, and a lot about a little bit. He swings between making bad puns and looking overly serious at screens. People call him "ginseng" because he's healthy and bitter, not because they can't say his name properly.

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Some Malaysians book parking spaces by standing in them. But is it legal?

by JS Lim on 17 March 2018

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia]   It’s probably happened to you before. You’re circling in the parking lot looking for an open spot at the mall. You finally see...

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5 things that will happen in Malaysia when GST goes to 0%

by JS Lim on 22 May 2018

  You’ve probably already heard about how fast the Pakatan Harapan government has delivered on its promise to ease the burden of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) off Malaysians....

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Constitution Criminal General

Malaysia's Attorney General has just resigned... But what does an AG do?

by JS Lim on 21 February 2018

When you report an incident to the Malaysian police, what they need to do (in summary) is gather information, then file an investigation report with the Public Prosecutor (PP)...

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Do you need a medical license to call yourself a “doctor” in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 29 November 2019

  Everyone knows that the people you see when you get sick are called “doctors”. Sure, we call people with Phds “doctors” as well, but we don’t go to them...

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Consumer Banking

Fun Fact: Malaysian law limits how many people you can borrow money from at one time

by JS Lim on 10 May 2019

If you’re lucky enough to have never encountered a “friend” like this, imagine being in this situation: Your friend needs to borrow a large amount of money – say RM10,000 – without going...

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Can Malaysians sue the government if they don’t follow their election manifesto?

by JS Lim on 19 February 2019

Whenever there is an election, each of our political parties (or coalitions) usually draw up an election manifesto - a list of things they want to do if they get...

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Intellectual Property

Taking photos of buildings in Malaysia isn't illegal because of this copyright law

by JS Lim on 14 February 2019

  Nowadays, it’s almost unheard of to go on a holiday without taking a bunch of photos and videos for your social media friends and followers to enjoy and be...

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MYEG was fined RM9.34 million for breaking competition laws. Here’s what happened.

by JS Lim on 08 February 2019

  On 24 January 2019, news surfaced that MY E.G. Services Berhad (MyEG) had lost their judicial review case at the High Court, and the court upheld the fine of...

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If your vehicle gets damaged by a pothole in Malaysia, can you sue the government?

by JS Lim on 25 January 2019

[Article originally published on 25 January 2019] If you drive, it has almost certainly happened to you before - either lots of potholes were on the oncoming road, and you...

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Why are Malaysians getting charged both airport tax and departure tax in 2019?

by JS Lim on 23 January 2019

  If you remember Budget 2019, you know that there were a lot of benefits and tax changes in there. One of the things announced for this year included a...

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Consumer Banking

Malaysia now has regulations for digital assets. Here’s how they work.

by JS Lim on 18 January 2019

Malaysians got a sudden announcement on 14 January from the Ministry of Finance that a new law would come into effect the very next day, regulating digital currencies and tokens...

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Consumer Contract

Regret buying something? Here are 5 ways Malaysian law allows you to ‘undo’ it

by JS Lim on 17 January 2019

Have you ever been so enticed by a discount, an enthusiastic salesperson, or a deal so good that it was impossible to pass up? How many times did you regret...

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How will the Malaysian government limit the term of the Prime Minister?

by JS Lim on 11 January 2019

  Some time back, the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition announced plans to limit the tenure of the Prime Minister, Menteri Besar, and Chief Minister to two terms, in contrast to...

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Are Malaysian employers allowed to fire you for social media posts?

by JS Lim on 03 January 2019

Imagine going to work one morning, as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary happens until you get to the office, where you are promptly told to pack your things...

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Corporate Criminal

What happens to a company if it’s guilty of a crime in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 31 December 2018

  We’re all quite familiar with what happens to a person when they are convicted of a crime - they get fined and/or put into jail. Even when a person...

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Can Malaysian banks help if you’ve transferred money to the wrong account?

by JS Lim on 26 December 2018

You’re on your usual online banking platform, managing your money as usual, making a few transfers. You’re so used to it, you’re on autopilot and just want to get it...

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Industrial Traffic

Is it illegal to carry work equipment in your car in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 26 December 2018

  In a good number of jobs, you carry goods around as part of your work. This doesn’t necessarily only mean the transporting professions who ferry products across large distances,...

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Thinking of suing someone in Malaysia? Consider sending them a Letter of Demand instead.

by JS Lim on 21 December 2018

  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where: Someone damaged your property or badly injured you, and is refusing to pay compensation? Someone you gave a loan to...

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Malaysian Majlis Bandarayas can now enforce traffic laws. Here’s what you need to know

by JS Lim on 19 December 2018

  Malaysia actually has some pretty good laws, like the relatively new animal welfare law, and progressive consumer protection laws. The problem many Malaysians have with our system is the...

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Malaysian law sometimes allows you to kill your attackers in self-defence - but when?

by JS Lim on 15 December 2018

  You may have heard of incidents where people have gotten their homes broken into, and they killed the intruder, but are arrested, and maybe even sentenced to jail for...

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Corporate Criminal

Tabung Haji is in trouble. What happens to the savings of 9 million Malaysian Muslims?

by JS Lim on 12 December 2018

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia] The past few weeks have not been great for Tabung Haji. News report after news report came out highlighting their troubled finances, which are...

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7 laws Malaysian businesses need to follow, but don’t always

by JS Lim on 06 December 2018

  Malaysians generally know that when you open a business, there are a lot of rules and regulations that you need to follow. When the Raj Banana Leaf incident with...

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Is it a crime to pass the VIP lane without a security check in Malaysian airports?

by JS Lim on 23 November 2018

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest political drama, you might be familiar with the sandals incident involving Dewan Negara (Senate) president Tan Sri S.A. Vigneswaran. On the night...

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5 things Malaysians share on social media, but shouldn’t

by JS Lim on 22 November 2018

Whether it’s a once in a lifetime experience meeting a celebrity you admire, or eating out at a fancy place where the food looks so beautiful it shouldn’t be eaten...

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Intellectual Property

Is it illegal for Malaysian shops to play music without a license?

by JS Lim on 19 November 2018

If you’re not already sitting in your favourite cafe right now, you probably remember the experience in the back of your mind. The smell of coffee (or tea), the right...

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Civil Criminal

What’s the difference between getting sued and getting charged in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 13 November 2018

When someone gets on the wrong side of the law, you usually hear either one of two words used to describe what’ll happen to them - they either get “sued”,...

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Wait what, Malaysia has a Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong?

by JS Lim on 05 November 2018

  On 2 November 2018, it was announced that the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah, would take over the functions of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) from 2 November...

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5 important things you need to know about Malaysia’s new no-smoking law

by JS Lim on 02 November 2018

(Update: The grace period, originally covering the first six months of 2019, was extended all the way to December 2019. This was termed as a one year educational period for eatery owners and...

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The Malaysian government can now sue citizens for defamation. But what's the big deal?

by JS Lim on 25 October 2018

  When the words “criticize the government” are mentioned in Malaysia, the knee-jerk response may be “sure kena sedition” based on past incidents over the years. Image from CILISOS However, you...

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Can you park in reserved spaces after business hours in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 17 October 2018

  Have you ever run into situations where you got into an argument with someone who was doing something illegal, but couldn’t really shore up your point of view

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Can friends "refer" your contact to companies without your permission in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 10 October 2018

  There are some things is life that can be considered unsolvable mysteries, such as the JFK assassination, alien abductions, and…. How the heck that telemarketer got your phone number??...

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Contract General

How To: Make sure your friends pay back their I.O.U.s in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 09 October 2018

  So you have or are thinking about giving a loan out to someone. Understandably, you may have doubts, thinking: “how do I know if they can pay back?” That’s...

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7 things Malaysians forget to do after they get into a traffic accident

by JS Lim on 02 October 2018

Traffic accidents are no fun, paying for repairs and medical bills can just as painful as any injuries you may get. Regardless, accidents happen. You’ve heard general tips and tricks all around you,...

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Are you allowed to charge interest for loans to friends and family in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 28 September 2018

Everyone has their difficult times with money. It can be embarrassing, and you don’t really want to trouble your friends or family, but when trouble strikes, they are the closest...

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Consumer General

What’s “illegal alcohol” according to Malaysian law, and what makes it dangerous?

by JS Lim on 20 September 2018

Except for religious or personal reasons, you probably enjoy a stiff drink from time to time, having a relaxing time with friends and family - so the last thing...

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How To: Handle a traffic accident in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 17 September 2018

1. Check yourself for injuries Image from blog.autoaccident Check for wounds and bleeding. Call an ambulance if you need medical assistance, and do what you can to give yourself some first...

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If you get an allergic reaction from restaurant food in Malaysia, can you sue?

by JS Lim on 13 September 2018

If you have a food allergy, or know someone with one, you already know how troublesome it can be to buy food from anywhere. For groceries, you’ve got to check...

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Can you still report an accident to the PDRM after 24 hours have passed?

by JS Lim on 12 September 2018

We ask you readers to imagine a lot of automotive nightmares, from the distress of getting a hit-and-run, to the heartbreak of getting hit by a car with no insurance....

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What qualifies as "confidential information" in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 01 September 2018

You’ve seen those letters and documents bearing the label “Private and Confidential” on the cover, especially at the office or with banks. This is a pretty standard warning sign that,...

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Intellectual Property

What is a patent, and how do you get one in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 28 August 2018

If you’ve written a book, you get a copyright to protect it. If you’re designing a logo for your company, you’ll apply for a trademark to make sure no one...

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TNB stopped a power pylon project in Pahang that angered villagers. Here’s what happened

by JS Lim on 21 August 2018

  Imagine living in a chalet up in the mountain forests, away from the bustling city, away from all the concrete and steel. And then one day, you wake up...

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3 legal questions about the "arrest" of Jho Low's "Equanimity" yacht - Answered!

by JS Lim on 17 August 2018

  Ah… You’re cruising on the blue seas on a luxury ship, enjoying the spoils of life with a cool salty breeze in your hair. You’re relaxed, without a care...

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General Banking

3 ways Bank Negara controls our economy that you probably haven't heard of

by JS Lim on 10 August 2018

  Question - What bank in Malaysia doesn’t have ATM machines? Bank Negara Malaysia. However, you’ve heard them release policies and statements about financial issues, like their position on cryptocurrencies,...

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Contract Employment

5 things about employment contracts that every Malaysian gets wrong

by JS Lim on 09 August 2018

  So here’s a question - how many of you actually FULLY read your employment contract? Chances are that most of you probably skipped to the part about your pay...

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Will you get in trouble if you report a bribe that you paid in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 03 August 2018

  You’re in the car, stopped and staring out at a police officer who’s asking for your ID. Maybe you broke a traffic law and got pulled over, or maybe...

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Consumer General

What should you do if you find fake money in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 31 July 2018

  Whenever we get our change back after buying something, we rarely (if ever) look through each note and coin to ensure they’re genuine... unless there’s something obviously “off” about...

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Contract Employment

Is there a legal way to skip the notice period when you resign in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 28 July 2018

One. Entire. Month. You’ve submitted your resignation, but that’s the time you have to wait before you can move to a new employer. Why? Because it’s stated in your current...

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Criminal General

5 legal questions you might’ve had about Najib’s arrest - answered!

by JS Lim on 22 July 2018

  One typical hot afternoon on 3 July 2018, you were probably getting sleepy from the weather, trying to stay awake and make progress on your work, when you got...

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Malaysia has a new Chief Justice… But what does he do?

by JS Lim on 16 July 2018

After the appointment of a new Attorney General - Tommy Thomas, Malaysia is also getting a new Chief Justice in Tan Sri Richard Melanjum, who will be Malaysia’s first...

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What happens to your reward points when a company shuts down in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 12 July 2018

Look inside your wallet and you’ll probably find some stamp cards from your favourite food and beverage outlets. Even if you don’t like keeping any of those, you’re still probably...

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Will modifying your car affect the resale value? We look at 7 popular trade-in myths

by JS Lim on 10 July 2018

Ever heard a myth or two about selling used cars in Malaysia? “Repair and polish your car first to get a better price” “Cars with Wilayah plates sell for more”...

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Consumer Contract

5 basic things you should always do when signing contracts in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 08 July 2018

You sign an employment contract to accept your job, a hire purchase contract to buy your car, and a loan agreement to buy your house... Whether we realize it or...

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What’s the difference between theft and robbery in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 03 July 2018

  If someone broke into your house in the middle of the night and stole your TV, you might tell people that “A THIEF entered my house last night” or...

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To get a divorce in Malaysia, you need to prove at least 1 of 4 things…

by JS Lim on 26 June 2018

  This article is about civil marriages in Malaysia and does not include Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.   So, you think you’ve...

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Are part-time promoters protected by labour laws in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 22 June 2018

*Note: This article was originally written in 2018, and updated on 17 August 2022.   If you’ve ever done part-time work before, you might have taken up a few positions...

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What's extradition, and is it hard to bring a Malaysian criminal back from overseas?

by JS Lim on 19 June 2018

  You might remember one of Malaysia’s high profile extradition cases - the story of Muhammad Rizalman. He had entered a young woman’s bedroom with his pants and underwear down...

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General Industrial Employment

Have nightmares freelancing in Malaysia? Here’s how a contract can help you

by JS Lim on 15 June 2018

  If you’ve ever been a freelancer, or know people who freelance, you’re probably familiar with the horror stories that can come out of it. The friend that was offered...

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General Intellectual Property

Can people legally use your photos without permission in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 12 June 2018

  Imagine yourself relaxing in your favourite room, laying back in a comfy chair with your smartphone, scrolling through social media. You’re a bit bored and you’re looking for something...

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What type of protection do whistleblowers get in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 08 June 2018

Imagine yourself being in a meeting with a client and your boss. You’ve just negotiated a project successfully, and you’re shaking hands with the client, but something bothers you -...

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What can Malaysian authorities do against dirty restaurants besides closing them down?

by JS Lim on 06 June 2018

You’ve probably dined at an establishment that was a little unclean before. Whether it was finding a fly in your drink, or seeing a rat suddenly scurry across the floor,...

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What items are duty-free at Malaysian customs, and what happens if you exceed the limit?

by JS Lim on 01 June 2018

Unless you’re a frequent traveller, you might have come back from a trip with a borderline amount of dutiable goods before (“dutiable” meaning you have to pay customs charges on...

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5 things Malaysian employers pay on top of your monthly salary

by JS Lim on 30 May 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open your own business? This comes with the freedom to do what you want, the way you want to, but...

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What is a Malaysian Commissioner for Oaths and what do they do?

by JS Lim on 25 May 2018

Have you ever seen these signs in shoplot areas saying “Commissioner for Oaths” (“Pesuruhjaya Sumpah”)? You’ve probably always wondered who these people are and what exactly do they do. Image...

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General Intellectual Property

What laws do you need to obey when cosplaying in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 23 May 2018

  With Animangaki-chan on 26th and 27th, and Animangaki set for mid August, anime fans are probably excited off their socks for the event. There are the games, anime, manga, merchandise, and...

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5 things that will happen in Malaysia when GST goes to 0%

by JS Lim on 22 May 2018

  You’ve probably already heard about how fast the Pakatan Harapan government has delivered on its promise to ease the burden of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) off Malaysians....

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5 legal reasons you should never take part in a Sambung Bayar deal

by JS Lim on 17 May 2018

  Buying a car is really expensive. But you’ve got more than just the initial price tag to consider, there’s still the hidden costs associated with owning a car. Not...

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Here are some laws Pakatan Harapan promised to reform. But what’s wrong with them?

by JS Lim on 15 May 2018

  It’s a historic moment in Malaysian politics with Pakatan Harapan ousting Barisan National for the first time in 61 years. With this new government coming to power (that a...

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Sendirian Berhad companies exist today because this man won a lawsuit in 1893

by JS Lim on 11 May 2018

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia]   When you wake up in the morning, what products do you use? Chances are, some of those products were made or imported by...

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Consumer Banking

Bank Negara’s policy on FREE bank transfers is actually about...paying with QR codes?

by JS Lim on 03 May 2018

  On 16 March 2018, Bank Negara announced their Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework (ICTF) policy that will take effect on 1 July 2018. The last big policy that Bank Negara...

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Can you get in trouble for Instagramming the new Avengers movie in Malaysian cinemas?

by JS Lim on 30 April 2018

  If you were born before streaming services like Netflix became main-stream (pun intended), you probably remember the times you could find pirated DVDs of movies being sold on the...

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How well do you know Malaysia's Road Rules? Take our quiz and find out!

by JS Lim on 26 April 2018

Every driver knows the Road Rules of Malaysia, or do they…? Some of these rules are common sense, but some of these need you to know a little more than...

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Can you legally stop someone from taking photos of you in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 24 April 2018

You’re probably no stranger to people whipping out their phones to take a picture or video whenever something “interesting” happens in Malaysia. Whether it’s a case of road rage, an...

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Can you get your bail money back after paying it to Malaysian courts?

by JS Lim on 20 April 2018

  Imagine yourself getting arrested for a minor offence. You’re put into the lockup and within 24 hours, you’re brought before a judge for a hearing. After the hearing, he...

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Criminal General

You can cut a deal in Malaysian court to get a lighter sentence, but is it worth it?

by JS Lim on 18 April 2018

If you’ve ever watched crime movies or TV series, you might have seen a suspect being offered a deal by the police that goes like “give us a confession, and we’ll...

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When can you perform a citizen's arrest in Malaysia, and how do you do it?

by JS Lim on 17 April 2018

  Imagine yourself witnessing a snatch theft. They just made off with a lady’s handbag, and you’re right there next to her as it happens. In this situation, we usually...

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Is it legal for Malaysian shops to charge you extra for paying by card?

by JS Lim on 02 April 2018

  You’re out doing some shopping which you’ve been putting off for the longest time because of work. After your retail therapy lust is satisfied, you head over to the cashier but,...

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If you find money on the street in Malaysia, can you legally keep it?

by JS Lim on 27 March 2018

  Most of us have experienced finding some money while walking down the street. We pick it up, and look around to see if there’s anyone looking for something they’ve...

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Ever lent a friend something but never got it back? Malaysia has a law for that

by JS Lim on 24 March 2018

  Have you’ve ever had a friend borrow something from you, and then never return it? Hopefully, the thing went missing, and your friend didn’t sneakily sell it to someone...

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If a worker hurts you by accident in Malaysia, do you sue him or his boss?

by JS Lim on 21 March 2018

There’s getting food poisoning, getting hit by a lorry, and in the feature image’s nightmare scenario – getting your car crushed by a pile driver. Being hurt by someone else’s carelessness is...

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Some Malaysians book parking spaces by standing in them. But is it legal?

by JS Lim on 17 March 2018

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia]   It’s probably happened to you before. You’re circling in the parking lot looking for an open spot at the mall. You finally see...

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What’s the difference between murder and manslaughter in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 14 March 2018

For most people, our only encounter with murder is through a TV show, or a video game. Those TV series usually make mention of a few kinds of fancy terms...

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If I get into a car accident, can I go to the nearest Balai Polis instead of stopping?

by JS Lim on 13 March 2018

  Sometimes, we hear tidbits of legal knowledge from friends and family such as “if you hit a car from behind it’s automatically your fault”, and “you can’t use a...

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General Industrial

5 sources of income that are tax free in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 09 March 2018

Note: This article was originally written in March 2018.   There are only a few things that are certain in life, and one of them is taxes. While most of...

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General Industrial

5 common Malaysian tax offences you don’t want to accidentally commit

by JS Lim on 05 March 2018

  There were news reports from 2017 that a lot of Malaysian celebrities were not paying their income taxes. This is despite them earning millions of ringgit, and the tax...

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5 rights you didn’t know you had as an airline passenger in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 01 March 2018

  Most Malaysians love to travel, but regardless of whether you’re a seasoned frequent traveller or one who still needs Google maps to find your boarding gate, there are two...

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Criminal General

What can you do if no action was taken on your police report in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 26 February 2018

Feature image for illustration purposes only. It’s from an incident in 2015 where two policemen who were found sleeping on the job. Read about the incident here.   Imagine you’re driving to...

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Constitution Criminal General

Malaysia's Attorney General has just resigned... But what does an AG do?

by JS Lim on 21 February 2018

When you report an incident to the Malaysian police, what they need to do (in summary) is gather information, then file an investigation report with the Public Prosecutor (PP)...

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Consumer General

If you get overcharged for nasi campur, can you refuse to pay?

by JS Lim on 06 February 2018

It’s lunch time. You want a delicious and filling meal that’s not too expensive. So what better place to go than your nearest mixed rice or nasi campur shop? They usually...

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Intellectual Property

Is it illegal to steal ideas in Malaysia? Here's 5 laws about copying that you didn’t know

by JS Lim on 30 January 2018

Imagine having a brilliant idea one day for a product, a book, or even a business. You’re beyond excited about it, so you share the idea with your friends over...

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Is robbing graves a crime in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 23 January 2018

As Malaysian, we’re part of a multicultural society of all sorts of cultures with many different roots. With great diversity, comes a great number of funeral rites. Some of us...

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Consumer General

Some Malaysian tuition centres are actually illegal! But how do you tell?

by JS Lim on 18 January 2018

  What kind of school did you go to? Was it a Sekolah Kebangsaan (national school), or did you go to an international school? Maybe you were homeschooled, or even...

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Consumer Criminal

This genius marketing idea might be illegal in Malaysia.

by JS Lim on 12 January 2018

You’re driving out for lunch one day to get food from your favourite hawker centre. Assuming the parking machines work in your area, you go and pay for parking and...

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If you commit a crime in Malaysia, how can you get the judge to go easy on you?

by JS Lim on 09 January 2018

Imagine you’ve been summoned to court for a traffic offence, like driving in the emergency lane. You probably got issued a court summons instead of the fine you were expecting,...

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If Ah Long ads are illegal in Malaysia, why do we keep seeing them?

by JS Lim on 02 January 2018

Walking down a Malaysian city street, you might find a lot of good food places, blazing heat, people of all races… and dodgy advertisements plastered over every conceivable public surface....

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Consumer General Banking

Is Bitcoin legal in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 26 December 2017

Over the last few years, you might have heard a lot of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. The news is usually about the price of Bitcoin hitting new highs, but there are also...

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Criminal General

Are pepper sprays legal in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 21 December 2017

  When Malaysians start seeing reports of crimes like snatch theft and robbery in places we frequently visit, the knee-jerk reaction is probably to find ways to protect ourselves. While...

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Intellectual Property

How effective are Malaysian anti-piracy laws? We asked a local game company

by JS Lim on 19 December 2017

You see the trailer for a game that looks really interesting and exciting. But knowing how overhyped the trailers can be, you can’t decide if you should get the game...

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Consumer General Banking

5 ways legal moneylenders in Malaysia are different from Ah Longs

by JS Lim on 14 December 2017

When we think of moneylenders, we probably think of Ah Longs. With their “Pinjaman Berlesen” ads stuck all over Malaysia’s streets, throwing red paint, harassment, and even violence. Failing to...

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Contract General

5 ways you could sabotage your own court case

by JS Lim on 11 December 2017

The characters and events in the example below are purely fictional. Any similarity or resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.   Jitendra’s heart drops. He just lost a court case...

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Consumer General

If an event gets cancelled in Malaysia, can you get a refund?

by JS Lim on 05 December 2017

You might be an avid event goer, whether you love cultural conventions, marathons, or even music concerts like Jay Chou's upcoming concert in 2018. You love the fact that the...

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Criminal General

If you get an uninvited guest in Malaysia, can you call the police?

by JS Lim on 03 December 2017

Imagine that your major cultural celebration is coming soon. For weeks you’ve been planning a dinner party for your friends and family. Despite having to chase some forgetful contractors over...

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In Malaysia, poking holes in your condom (or removing it) may be considered rape

by JS Lim on 30 November 2017

Most of us accept that using any form of threat or force to have sexual intercourse with another person is rape. Our law agrees with that view; the definition of...

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Consumer General

Malaysian adventure parks must keep you safe by law. But... how safe?

by JS Lim on 29 November 2017

You might love going to adventure parks, whether it’s a wet world, an amusement park, or even just an indoor obstacle course. It means fun times with family and friends, and...

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Consumer General

Are Malaysian Telcos responsible for the Lowyat data breach? Can we sue them?

by JS Lim on 22 November 2017

It was 19 October 2017. Chances are that this was a normal day for you, scrolling through Facebook, laughing at funny posts or raging at the latest ridiculous thing a...

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Civil Family General Property

Are Malaysian "family trusts" only for rich people?

by JS Lim on 20 November 2017

If you ever watched teen high school movies, you might have heard the word “trust fund kids” thrown around. These are usually the obnoxious kids who come to school in...

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Civil Property

Who do you sue when you get injured in a lift? A Malaysian taxi driver fell 5 floors to find out.

by JS Lim on 16 November 2017

Have you ever imagined the following scenarios happening in a mall: The ceiling suddenly collapsing on top of you Someone falling off an escalator Falling down a lift shaft that’s...

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Criminal General

Can you legally carry weapons for self-defence in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 07 November 2017

Since a lot of us were young, we were given a bunch of advice to keep ourselves safe: “don’t follow strangers”, “don’t go out alone at night”, “stay away...

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Criminal General

Genting Casinos caused a law to be changed... in the UK??

by JS Lim on 04 November 2017

If you were to ask someone what “dishonest” means, they’ll probably say it refers to someone is lying, especially to cheat someone else. While that is how most people would...

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5 ways Muslims can get divorced in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 31 October 2017

  Some of you already know that Muslims in Malaysia follow a different law from Non-Muslims when it comes to marriage. Islamic Family Law is provided under Islamic Family Law...

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7 things people do at mamak shops you didn’t know were illegal

by JS Lim on 24 October 2017

  Going to coffee shops is such a big part of Malaysian food culture that it might as well be called a national pastime. Whether it’s mamak shops, hawker centres,...

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Criminal General

If the Agong or Sultan made a mistake, is it seditious to point it out?

by JS Lim on 17 October 2017

  Time to time, you’ll hear of an incident where the Sultan or Crown Prince of a state speaks out against an issue, such as when the Sultan of Johor...

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Contract Corporate Employment

Can Malaysian employers stop their ex-staff from joining a competitor?

by JS Lim on 10 October 2017

  Imagine you’re leaving your job to start your own company, or you’re joining a competitor to your current employer. You tender your resignation with the notice period, and on...

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Consumer Contract

5 ways you can (possibly) get around a no refund policy in Malaysia

by JS Lim on 06 October 2017

All too many times we have entered shops, chosen what we like, bought our items, and then we find this dangerous line printed on the receipt:- “No refunds or...

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Criminal General

Can Malaysian plainclothes police stop or arrest you?

by JS Lim on 03 October 2017

  We all generally accept that if uniformed police stop you and ask to see your identification, we should cooperate. But what if we are stopped by people in plainclothes...

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Is it legal to cycle on Malaysian highways?

by JS Lim on 29 September 2017

Back in early September 2017, there was an incident on the LATAR highway where 4 paralympian bikers training for the ASEAN Paralympic Games were injured in what looked like a hit-and-run. The driver...

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If you illegally drive on the emergency lane in Malaysia and get hit, who's wrong?

by JS Lim on 24 September 2017

  You’re in the emergency lane of the highway one day. Suddenly, another car comes hurtling towards your vehicle and there’s a sickening crunch. Another car has just hit you...

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A lawyer asked his client to google a legal term. He immediately regretted it

by JS Lim on 19 September 2017

If you’ve ever been bombarded with jargon you didn’t understand, you already know how it feels like to read a document chock full of legal terms. There are already the...

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Are there laws that can stop North Korea from testing missiles?

by JS Lim on 15 September 2017

  You’ve probably heard the news that North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on 29 August 2017. Then, on 3 September they also successfully tested their most powerful...

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Are ambulances allowed to beat red traffic lights in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 14 September 2017

Some of our readers have asked us whether ambulances can beat traffic lights in an emergency.   One reader brought an incident that happened in Penang to our attention....

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General Traffic

What does Malaysian law say about car tinting?

by JS Lim on 12 September 2017

Have you ever noticed cars with their windows tinted so dark that even Superman would have trouble seeing through it? Maybe you had yours tinted lighter than those cars, but...

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General Intellectual Property

Can the MCMC legally block websites in malaysia?

by JS Lim on 09 September 2017

  So the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) made big headlines in our local news as well as gaming sites on 9 September 2017. The fighting game “Fight of...

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In Malaysia, can I stop airplanes from flying over my property?

by JS Lim on 07 September 2017

This article only applies to the law of Peninsular Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak have their own Land Codes and as such, the law might be different.   There’s an old...

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These 2 Malaysian laws have been protecting our National Flag and Anthem for 55 years

by JS Lim on 29 August 2017

You know it’s Malaysia’s National Day when you start seeing the Jalur Gemilang being flown just about everywhere from on our cars to outside our houses, and it’s a time...

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There's no law against upskirt recording in Malaysia. So what can we do?

by JS Lim on 24 August 2017

Time to time, we hear about a case of hidden spy cameras, or a peeping tom who “entered the wrong bathroom”, or even creepy guys taking upskirt videos of women....

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Here’s why Malaysian pharmacies might refuse to sell you certain medicines

by JS Lim on 21 August 2017

This article was written with assistance from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and All Day Pharmacy. How many of you have ever been to a pharmacy where you asked for antibiotics,...

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In Malaysia, you can be arrested for a crime even if you don’t actually do it

by JS Lim on 21 August 2017

It’s a crime to rob banks, bribe the police, and even commit suicide. If you wanted to commit a crime but didn’t do it in the end, everything is still...

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5 common sales tactics used in Malaysia that are actually illegal

by JS Lim on 11 August 2017

Way too many scammers have been using underhanded methods to cheat consumers, one of the most famous being “private message me for price”. A lot of honest sellers use it...

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In Malaysia, shaming someone on social media could land you in jail

by JS Lim on 08 August 2017

You’re out for lunch. You’ve just finished your usual meal and are walking to your car. Then you see this. Image from ohmymedia The double parker didn’t leave a phone...

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Is DBKL allowed to detain homeless people because of the SEA games?

by JS Lim on 03 August 2017

There’s been recent news about the homeless being rounded up by DBKL to “clean up the streets of KL” ahead of the Sea Games this 19 August. But are the...

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What (legal) powers do security guards in Malaysia have?

by JS Lim on 31 July 2017

Guarded neighbourhoods and high-rise buildings have become commonplace in Malaysia. But we sometimes still get annoyed by the inconvenience of having to register at the guardhouse every time we go...

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If you spread rumors about 1MDB, you may actually hurt the investigation. Here's why

by JS Lim on 27 July 2017

We have freedom of speech in Malaysia, but that freedom to express and discuss is not absolute. On 24 July 2017, the Dewan Rakyat became chaotic after a motion to...

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If you get arrested by the PDRM, does that mean you're guilty?

by JS Lim on 25 July 2017

The Myth If the police arrest you, it means that you’re guilty of a crime.

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How do I use the Malaysian PDPA to stop telemarketers from calling me?

by JS Lim on 19 July 2017

You’re going through your day, working on that upcoming project your boss has high hopes on you for. It’s almost noon and you’re almost finished with that little bit more...

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These 5 laws from Malaysia's new Animal Welfare Act will make life better for animals

by JS Lim on 18 July 2017

[This article discusses specific sections of the new law. For the legal background, click here for a separate article] Back in 2015, the Malaysian Animal Welfare Act 2015 was passed...

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5 Malaysian marriage laws you (probably) didn't know about

by JS Lim on 13 July 2017

Marriage seems straightforward. In civil law, minus the ceremony of your religion or custom, all you need in law is a valid registration with the Registrar of Marriages and adhere...

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Who pays if your car is damaged or stolen when using valet parking in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 10 July 2017

When using valet parking, do we ever take pause and think: we are handing over our car keys to a complete stranger, who then returns our car keys to whomever...

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Intellectual Property

If my art or music gets stolen, can Malaysian copyright law protect me?

by JS Lim on 04 July 2017

  If you’re a designer you may have heard of the Dentsu Utama disqualification from the Malaysia 4As advertising awards early last year. Two winning entries were found by Malaysia...

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Can I sue someone who promised to marry me (but doesn't) in Malaysia?

by JS Lim on 25 May 2017

You’re engaged to the love of your life. The wedding ceremony is set, invitations have been sent, and you’ve even paid the down payment for your new home. But one...