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Corporate General Employment

In Malaysia, you CAN get fired for leaving your company's WhatsApp group. Here's why

by Matdura S. on 25 May 2019

WhatsApp is probably the most common, effective way to communicate these days. Because, who even SMS-es anymore, right? But sometimes, having too many conversations or WhatsApp groups can affect your quality of...

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A non-Muslim woman sued a Muslim woman for ruining her marriage. The court disagreed

by Matdura S. on 14 July 2020

This article discusses civil marriages and does not include laws on Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.   Getting a divorce can be pretty ugly. It might sometimes involve...

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Family General

Malaysian women CAN sue their husband's mistress for ruining the marriage

by Matdura S. on 08 August 2019

This article is about civil marriages in Malaysia and does not include Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.   Imagine this: You come home after a tiring...

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In Malaysia, can you sue the carpark management if your car is broken into?

by Matdura S. on 05 November 2020

Imagine this: You head to the nearest shopping mall to do some quick grocery shopping. You finally find a parking space far across the mall’s entrance and park there immediately. ...

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In Malaysia, can your boss deduct your salary AFTER he overpaid you?

by Matdura S. on 27 October 2020

NOTE: This article applies to employees governed under the Employment Act (EA) with a monthly salary not exceeding RM2,000. “Non-EA Employees” will be governed by the terms of their contract of employment.   So...

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Constitution Criminal

Is drunk driving a bigger crime than driving under drugs in Malaysia? We investigate

by Matdura S. on 19 October 2020

Recently, a Malaysian woman who was under the influence of drugs crashed into a navy officer’s car—killing him on the spot. The video of the crash made its rounds on...

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Civil Criminal

Sexual harassment is NOT a crime in Malaysia...but this can change soon

by Matdura S. on 12 October 2020

Recently, a local Telegram group was brought to attention as over 40,000 members in the group were allegedly spreading pictures of women without their consent as well as sharing child porn. The group’s existence came to...

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Consumer General

Malaysia is changing its laws to stop new company monopolies

by Matdura S. on 06 October 2020

Imagine this: You’ve subscribed to a local TV provider for almost 8 years now. Every year, you realize that the subscription price keeps increasing. You try and look for other options, but there’s nothing else...

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Can your boss ignore your resignation letter in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 28 September 2020

If you’re currently considering to leave your company or you’ve already been offered a position at a different company, your first step will be to tender your resignation. The process is pretty simple: All you have...

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Constitution General

Thinking of becoming a politician in Malaysia? Here's 2 steps you should take

by Matdura S. on 21 September 2020

Recently, Syed Saddiq applied to register his new party MUDA, and many netizens (even the ones young at heart) were curious on how to become a part of it: Shortly...

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Some states require pet licenses in Malaysia. Here's how to get one

by Matdura S. on 14 September 2020

The last thing any pet owner wants is for their furry friend to be taken away from them...for good. Now you might have heard cases of enforcement authorities taking pets away...

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Is it legal to put a GPS tracker on someone in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 09 September 2020

Imagine this: You’re cleaning your car one day and you find this tiny device in your backseat. You’ve never seen it before, and it definitely doesn’t look like a part...

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A Malaysian man owes the bank RM70,000 after being scammed by a property agent

by Matdura S. on 02 September 2020

You’ve come a long way in life—and finally make enough money to afford a house in the big city. After months of searching, you finally got hold of a property agent who...

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In Malaysia, can your boss fire you AFTER you give your resignation letter?

by Matdura S. on 27 August 2020

It’s pretty common to hear stories about employees leaving companies. Now it’s not always due to a bad experience with the company. Some employees might be seeking a different environment or...

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Here's what Malaysian condo owners should know before renovating their unit

by Matdura S. on 21 August 2020

So you finally bought your first house—a condo unit in the heart of the city. You have so many plans on how you want to furnish, paint and revamp it according...

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Can Malaysian courts charge a person TWICE for the same crime?

by Matdura S. on 14 August 2020

Malaysians are no strangers to hearing news about politicians being arrested or charged with crimes. In the past 2 weeks alone, we’ve seen the former Prime Minister Najib Razak and...

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Contract General

If your friends ditch you after eating in an 'atas' restaurant, do you pay the bill?

by Matdura S. on 09 August 2020

Imagine this: You get a phone call one morning from your long-lost high school friend—asking if you were free to meet up with some other friends. You realise it’s been so long since...

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Contract Employment

Can your boss fire you if you choose to work from home during the RMCO?

by Matdura S. on 04 August 2020

Okay before we dive into the answer, we’re actually curious to know whether Malaysians prefer going back to work post-MCO or have you blended in to this new WFH lifestyle? Loading… As...

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What is considered an 'illegal gathering' under the RMCO?

by Matdura S. on 29 July 2020

News on the former PM made the headlines on Tuesday, when he was found guilty for all 7 counts involving SRC International, a subsidiary of 1MDB. Now, Najib’s case isn’t the...

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Criminal General

Here's 4 things MACC does besides investigating corruption

by Matdura S. on 24 July 2020

If you haven’t already heard the news recently, Lim Guan Eng was called in by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). They’re investigating a corruption issue involving the RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel project...

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In Malaysia, are illegitimate children allowed to inherit their parent's property?

by Matdura S. on 20 July 2020

If you’ve been an avid AskLegal reader, you might have come across our article on how a 6 year-old boy sued the Malaysian government, because he was considered an illegitimate child. Now...

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A non-Muslim woman sued a Muslim woman for ruining her marriage. The court disagreed

by Matdura S. on 14 July 2020

This article discusses civil marriages and does not include laws on Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.   Getting a divorce can be pretty ugly. It might sometimes involve...

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There's a law to prevent prison deaths in Malaysia...but why isn't it enforced yet?

by Matdura S. on 07 July 2020

Prison deaths are now trending on social media, after the news about a man who had died in prison reached the public. If you’re not familiar with this story, let us shed some light on...

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Civil General

How were Malaysian courts hearing cases during the MCO? We find out

by Matdura S. on 02 July 2020

At the time of writing, most of us have probably started going back to the office under the relaxed Movement Control Order. You might have mixed feelings about this, especially...

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Malaysian employers can fire you even if they can't prove ALL your misconduct. Here's how

by Matdura S. on 26 June 2020

Imagine this scenario: You’ve been working in the same company for more than 15 years now. You’ve been getting promotions year after year, until you finally reached the top of the hierarchy...

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Contract General

In Malaysia, can someone make you a guarantor...without your consent?

by Matdura S. on 22 June 2020

The last thing any of us would want right now, is to get a call from the bank saying we owe them money ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE! The probability of this...

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There was no control on maintenance fee rates at Msian condos, until this 2019 court case

by Matdura S. on 16 June 2020

If you’re ballin’ and can afford a condo unit—or you’ve been a tenant at more than one condo—you might have noticed how condos vary from each other in terms of facilities...and obviously...

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General Industrial

5 important tax exemptions you can get via the PENJANA plan

by Matdura S. on 11 June 2020

This recovery phase we’re in isn’t just for COVID-19, but also the Malaysian economy. Many Malaysians lost their jobs during this period as companies are finding it hard to sustain employees. We’ve...

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Contract Property

The Malaysian government CAN legally take your land and property...under 3 conditions

by Matdura S. on 04 June 2020

Note: Different laws apply for East Malaysia. In Sabah, the subject is governed by the Land Acquisition Ordinance Cap 68 and in Sarawak, Part 4 of the Sarawak Land Code (Cap...

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MACC can now fine the company AND employer for corruption...even if an employee did it

by Matdura S. on 28 May 2020

Malaysians have been embracing so many new changes in 2020. Some don’t even need an introduction like...COVID-19. But let’s put this viral infection aside for now, as we’ll be seeing change on how Malaysian companies...

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Family General Property

Can LHDN force your family members to pay YOUR tax...if you die?

by Matdura S. on 18 May 2020

Perhaps the age old saying “Nothing is certain except death and taxes” might be true after all. So, if you ever thought death would finally release someone from all monetary commitments, we...

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Malaysia introduced 4 apps during MCO, but how safe is your data when you use it?

by Matdura S. on 11 May 2020

As we enter new phases of the MCO/CMCO every other week, it’s been tough for some of us to keep up with all the updates that follow through. There have been...

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Malaysian parents can now take their children for vaccine shots during MCO

by Matdura S. on 30 April 2020

Most Malaysians have most likely adapted to staying at home now, since the MCO has been in effect for more than a month. This new reality we’re facing thankfully comes...

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5 regulations Malaysian companies DON'T have to follow during the MCO

by Matdura S. on 23 April 2020

As we approach the end of Phase 3 of the MCO—and begin Phase 4, some of us might be anticipating to get back to our daily routine—while others might have...

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Family General

Here's how domestic abuse victims can report their abuser in Malaysia

by Matdura S. on 16 April 2020

We’re officially into Phase 3 of the MCO, which is reflecting other pressing problems we’re facing as a nation. One such problem is the rise of domestic abuse cases—where Talian...

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Can Malaysian authorities force you to get tested for viral infections?

by Matdura S. on 09 April 2020

The Health Director-General, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham made a statement lately on the increase in testing for COVID-19, across the country. The test for the virus initally started with 3,000...

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5 new updates Malaysians must take note during Phase 2 of the MCO

by Matdura S. on 06 April 2020

Malaysians have been receiving numerous texts from the National Security Council (MKN), to know that what was initially supposed to be a two-week Movement Control Order is now being carried out for an entire month. Now this writer may or...

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General Property

Here's how Malaysians who have balcony karaoke sessions might be breaking the law

by Matdura S. on 31 March 2020

Staying home for almost two weeks now might have made us get creative to kill boredom and fill all that time we have. Some might take this positively, and catch up...

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Here's what you can do if someone isn't revealing they're COVID-19 positive in Malaysia

by Matdura S. on 27 March 2020

COVID-19 has claimed 24 lives and infected 2,301 so far. With this worrying rise in the number of cases, we’re also facing another problem: Patients are not revealing about being in contact with someone who has tested...

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What can you do if your wedding was canceled due to the Movement Order in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 23 March 2020

With the increase of Covid-19 cases, the CMCO (Controlled Movement Control Order) has recently been implemented in Klang Valley. This followed the CMCO placed on the whole of Sabah. Now...

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3 things Malaysian workers must know if they're working during the movement order

by Matdura S. on 18 March 2020

With the sudden spike in the number of Malaysians down with COVID-19, the government announced the Restrictive Movement Order yesterday. The Order essentially acts to control and curb the rise in...

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In Malaysia, you can be fined AND jailed for not carrying your MyKad at all times

by Matdura S. on 17 March 2020

You’re late for work...again. You somehow manage to get ready in 15 minutes. You’ve taken your laptop, your bag and even packed yourself a sandwich. Now it might feel like...

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Here's how Malaysian employers might break the law during the COVID-19 outbreak

by Matdura S. on 12 March 2020

At the time of writing, there are approximately 129 reported cases of the COVID-19 (a.k.a coronavirus) outbreak in Malaysia. As the second wave of this global pandemic hits us, several companies...

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Criminal Family

In Msia children CAN be sent to jail, but only for certain crimes. Here's what they are

by Matdura S. on 06 March 2020

When you think of serious crimes, you’d normally imagine a man (or woman) committing the crime—regardless of how small or big it is. Very rarely would we consider that a...

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Are statutory declarations from UMNO MPs enough to remove our Prime Minister?

by Matdura S. on 26 February 2020

Our political scene always seems to have new drama brewing – recently, Mahiaddin Yassin has declared that he is still our Prime Minister in a press conference last Wednesday, in response...

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General Criminal

Abortions have always been legal in Malaysia BUT only for 2 reasons

by Matdura S. on 23 February 2020

*Note: This article was updated on 28 June 2022. Just recently, the United States has overturned a law – Roe v Wade – which meant that abortions aren’t a protected right anymore there....

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Criminal General Employment

In Malaysia, you can be fired AND jailed for submitting fake MCs. Here's how

by Matdura S. on 21 February 2020

It’s finally Friday! But you’ve literally no motivation to get out of bed today. You think about the amount of paperwork you have to settle at work—which makes it worse for...

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Civil General

What happens to your case if a law firm shuts down in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 16 February 2020

Imagine this: You’re involved in a lawsuit with your company. You hire a lawyer from a reputable law firm, and the lawyer representing your case is a pretty well-known person in...

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Contract Employment

Can Malaysian companies change your job description...after you sign the contract?

by Matdura S. on 09 February 2020

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia] Imagine this: You finally landed a job as a sales executive at a local company. Everything has been going great for almost 6 months—you have...

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Civil Criminal

In Malaysia, you can charge a man for rape, but NOT a woman. Here's why

by Matdura S. on 01 February 2020

Generally for rape cases, most of us would imagine a man committing the crime towards a woman. And this is mostly true as the victim is normally a woman and the perpetrator is a man. However,...

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M'sia abolished the Fake News law in 2019, so how did a man get arrested for it?

by Matdura S. on 30 January 2020

At the time of writing, there are 7 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Malaysia. With the recent outbreak of this virus across the globe, there are many different news sources...

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Contract Property

5 things Malaysians must know before renting a space at shopping malls

by Matdura S. on 19 January 2020

It’s the weekend. You’re out window shopping at a pretty popular mall, when you see a notice from a distance— “CHEAP SHOPLOT FOR RENT”.  The signs are all there—this is your...

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Can you get fired for taking emergency leave in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 13 January 2020

You wake up to some bad news on a Monday morning: Your uncle passed away. You also realise that today’s the day you need to submit your work report to your...

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Consumer General

Can you get fined for smoking at a roadside food stall in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 07 January 2020

The grace period on the smoking ban is over. Malaysians are now getting fined for smoking in eateries—where in just the first two days of 2020, over RM170,000 worth of fines were handed...

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Here's 5 Malaysian laws you didn't know have started in 2020

by Matdura S. on 06 January 2020

So it might have already dawned upon Malaysians, that we’re not going to see flying cars this year. But this doesn’t mean change isn’t set to come. We actually came across some fresh new laws and amended...

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Civil General

Malaysian parents can be sued for refusing to vaccinate their children. Here's why

by Matdura S. on 29 December 2019

[Note: This article was originally written in December 2019.] With the end of 2020 coming near, at least we have one good news: Pfizer announced that they have found a Covid-19...

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Corporate Employment

Malaysians CAN now be fired for "blue-ticking" company WhatsApp messages

by Matdura S. on 25 December 2019

In the midst of writing this article, our writer isn’t sure if WhatsApp helps companies connect better or...creates more lawsuits. Previously, we wrote about how a Malaysian employee got fired for...

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Criminal General

Why is the statutory declaration (SD) on Najib and Anwar taken so seriously?

by Matdura S. on 19 December 2019

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re probably no stranger to the recent accusation made against Najib Razak, in relation to the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya, that was made...

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Corporate Employment

In Malaysia, you CAN get fired for bad performance at work. Here's why

by Matdura S. on 15 December 2019

You’ve been working in the same company for almost 5 years now. It’s practically your comfort zone, and you’ve never faced any serious problems at work...until today.  You arrive at work...

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Can Malaysian employers force you to sign a contract on the spot?

by Matdura S. on 07 November 2019

So you’ve finally landed a job after months of looking for one—and you’re expected to start work tomorrow. Maybe it’s your lucky stars, or the company is just really desperate to hire someone....

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Contract Property

Can you sue Malaysian developers if your condo looks different from the show unit?

by Matdura S. on 25 October 2019

Remember the guy who spray-painted and hammer-smashed his own apartment in KLCC, when the unit he got was allegedly nowhere near as promised in the marketing material?  This story entails a similar situation—but this time instead of...

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Can Malaysian universities take disciplinary action on students who protest?

by Matdura S. on 22 October 2019

Recently, a University Malaya graduate did a solo demonstration demanding the resignation of the university’s vice-chancellor. Wong Yan Ke reportedly carried a placard on stage during the convocation ceremony—bearing the words “Undur...

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Consumer Corporate General

Grab may be fined RM87 million for 'industry monopoly'. Here's what they (allegedly) did

by Matdura S. on 07 October 2019

Grab recently came into the spotlight when the Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) announced that the company is now an anti-competitor in the e-hailing industry. MyCC also proposed to fine Grab for RM86.8mil, with a daily...

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How do Malaysian courts decide which parent gets child custody after a divorce?

by Matdura S. on 03 October 2019

Note: The information in this article applies to civil marriages and not Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.     So you’re married to the love of your life. The...

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General Employment

5 things Malaysian workers need to know before striking against their company

by Matdura S. on 02 October 2019

Note: This article was originally published in September 2019, and updated on 5 August 2022.   Grab and Foodpanda recently came to light as the employees — particularly the riders — decided to...

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Here are your rights as a migrant worker in Malaysia

by Matdura S. on 26 September 2019

If you are stopped by any Malaysian Enforcement Authority, there are certain rules and regulations that you and the authorities must follow. Here’s a guide on what to do during arrest and detention,...

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Can Malaysian companies fire you for misbehaving after office hours?

by Matdura S. on 24 September 2019

Most of us believe this: what we do outside of work is our business, not our company’s business. We just have to be responsible from the time we clock in...

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Constitution General

Is it illegal to be part of a boycott in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 12 September 2019

There have been recent calls for the boycott of non-Muslim products in Malaysia, and to prioritize Muslim-made products. A proposal was made by the Islamic Consumers Association of Malaysia for halal certificates to be issued in...

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General Property

Is it legal to convert a house into a temple in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 11 September 2019

While most of us are pretty tolerant with our neighbours—some things they do can be a nuisance, like when they watch TV loudly. But in some circumstances, the things they...

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Consumer General

Malaysian women are charged 'pink tax' for toiletries. Here's what it's about

by Matdura S. on 07 September 2019

So, we assume most women might be aware of this but for all the men out here reading this article, imagine this situation: Your wife just asked you to buy...

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5 steps to take when you want to sue your condo developer in Malaysia

by Matdura S. on 03 September 2019

  Disclaimer: The laws stipulated in this article may not be applicable to East Malaysia. You can’t fix everything in life. There are some situations that require professional advice or services....

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Consumer General

Can you stop beauticians from recording your facial in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 27 August 2019

  It has been a hectic week. The only thing you look forward to now is your monthly spa session at your favourite local spa centre. Everything seemed as per...

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Can Malaysian companies force you to take annual leave?

by Matdura S. on 22 August 2019

So it’s CNY end of this week. Because of the MCO, you can’t balik kampung this year. So you decide not to take any additional leave and save them for another...

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Family General

Malaysian women CAN sue their husband's mistress for ruining the marriage

by Matdura S. on 08 August 2019

This article is about civil marriages in Malaysia and does not include Islamic marriages. Click here for our article on divorce in Islamic marriages.   Imagine this: You come home after a tiring...

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General Property

Your Majlis Perbandaran can fine you for turning your house into an Airbnb

by Matdura S. on 02 August 2019

You might have heard of Airbnb or even tried it before. Airbnb is basically a site where people can list down their homes, and potential “lodgers” can book the property according to...

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You can't fine a cat owner in Malaysia because...there are no laws against cats

by Matdura S. on 26 July 2019

There are basically two common types of animals that are kept as pets – dogs and cats. However, there are more than just 2 types of laws that we have here in...

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Constitution General

5 changes Undi18 will bring to Malaysia (other than lowering the voting age)

by Matdura S. on 18 July 2019

For most of us, 21 is considered the age that signifies “maturity”. To mark our first step into adulthood, some of us would opt to take on bigger responsibilities in life...

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Consumer General

Here's why slimming product ads will now need the approval from the Ministry of Health

by Matdura S. on 10 July 2019

As most of us already know that besides good food, Malaysia is also well known for having one of the highest obesity rates in the world. It is also human...

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Contract General Employment

Does Malaysian law allow your ex-company to sue you AFTER you resign?

by Matdura S. on 05 July 2019

During your childhood, if you broke something and didn’t want your parents to find out, your first move would have been to just try and hide the mess – or run away from...

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Constitution General

Can the PDRM check your phone...without a valid reason?

by Matdura S. on 02 July 2019

It’s pretty common for the PDRM to set roadblocks and this is normally done due to several reasons – such as when there is an operation to prevent traffic offences (like...

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Corporate General Employment

In Malaysia, you CAN get fired for leaving your company's WhatsApp group. Here's why

by Matdura S. on 25 May 2019

WhatsApp is probably the most common, effective way to communicate these days. Because, who even SMS-es anymore, right? But sometimes, having too many conversations or WhatsApp groups can affect your quality of...

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Criminal General

Singapore's Fake News law is 553% longer than Malaysia's. What are the differences?

by Matdura S. on 15 May 2019

Recently, Singapore passed the Anti-Fake News law which has garnered quite a bit of global attention...but not in a good way. It has been predicted that this will further lower Singapore’s already low...

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General Consumer

If you can't smoke in a plane, why do AirAsia flights still have ashtrays?

by Matdura S. on 08 May 2019

If you’re a frequent flyer, occasional flyer – or even if you’ve never been on flight before, you’d probably still be familiar with some of the basic rules to follow when boarding a plane....

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Constitution General

5 things you need to know about Malaysia's first female Chief Justice

by Matdura S. on 03 May 2019

For the first time in the history of Malaysia’s judiciary, a female Chief Justice was appointed – making her the top judge in the country. Datuk Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat is the 16th Chief Justice of Malaysia, after the retirement...

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Can Malaysia create a law to make movie spoilers illegal?

by Matdura S. on 30 April 2019

There are basically two things you can spoil for people right now. Number one, the final season of Game of Thrones was released yesterday and two, the Avengers: Endgame is screening in cinemas. If...

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Contract General

Here's why China won't allow Malaysia to back out from the ECRL agreement

by Matdura S. on 26 April 2019

There are quite a number of hot topics being talked about in Malaysia at the moment. Some of you might be hyped about the release of Avengers: Endgame *no spoilers please* while the...

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Consumer General

Are VPNs illegal in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 23 April 2019

There are many reasons to get a VPN. You may have heard of companies using it for security reasons or individuals who decide to get one to protect their personal information...

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Here's JPN's guidelines to prevent people from giving weird names for their children

by Matdura S. on 21 April 2019

Note: This article was originally published in 2020. [Klik sini untuk versi BM] Can you imagine being called Durian or Rambutan as your official name?? A sibling duo from Kedah were named...

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General Industrial

How is a normal Malaysian court different from a tribunal court?

by Matdura S. on 17 April 2019

Disagreements happen all the time. It can be over something as trivial as who does laundry for the week, or things can turn ugly real quick where sometimes, a minor disagreement can lead...

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Consumer General

Are android boxes illegal in Malaysia? Here's what MCMC had to say

by Matdura S. on 14 April 2019

*Article originally written in April 2019, and updated in May 2021. Smart Android TV Box, Videocon, XiaoMi MiBox, i-Boite etc etc. An Android box goes by many names, and you might have one...

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Here's 5 common tax filing mistakes made by Malaysian taxpayers

by Matdura S. on 11 April 2019

​​​​​​It’s that time of the year again where most Malaysians will be rushing to complete their income tax claims from the previous year. This can be a rather daunting experience for...

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Can your Majlis Perbandaran stop people from putting annoying flyers on your car?

by Matdura S. on 09 April 2019

So you decide to make a quick visit to the bank to withdraw money. It starts raining, so you rush back to your car and turn on the engine. As...

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Can two companies register similar names in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 03 April 2019

So you decided to open up a cafe in your local town. You found the perfect location in a busy area, hired a couple of baristas and of course – you gave a...

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Criminal General

If your ex leaks your nudes, can you sue them under Malaysian law?

by Matdura S. on 29 March 2019

As Malaysians, public nudity—or nudity at all for that matter is a taboo and it isn’t something we encourage in our society. Since most of us are aware that there...

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5 Malaysian court cases that got postponed...for the weirdest reasons

by Matdura S. on 24 March 2019

Recently, the news about a Malaysian lawyer who fractured his wrist while playing with his pet dog went viral on social media. Due to the accident, the lawyer had to postpone the...

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Family General Property

How to legally disown a family member in Malaysia...with just 2 steps

by Matdura S. on 19 March 2019

Recently, a famous Malaysian politician/lawyer permanently disowned his son and granddaughter by publishing it in a newspaper article. We received many questions with regard to this including whether it is legal to do so. The main question would be, why do...

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Are Muslim tourists bound to khalwat rules in Malaysia?

by Matdura S. on 13 March 2019

For most tourists who come into Malaysia, sharing an accommodation is quite a common thing to do as it doesn’t make sense to rent two rooms when you can share...

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Consumer General

6 things you didn't know are illegal to take out of Malaysia

by Matdura S. on 07 March 2019

This article talks about commercial export of goods – But let’s imagine this scenario, where you’re a local student leaving Malaysia to study abroad. You’re so worried you’ll miss Malaysia that you made sure...

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Criminal General

We asked PDRM if they're arresting everyone with a gang tattoo. Here's what they said

by Matdura S. on 26 February 2019

Last year, PDRM made a statement that people who have certain tattoos will be arrested—as it might represent illegal gangs in the country. Not just that, there’ll be a punishment of up to 3 years in prison,...

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General Intellectual Property

Can Malaysian websites sue for plagiarism? We find out after our article was "stolen"

by Matdura S. on 20 February 2019

Recently, local media site World of Buzz found itself in a world of buzz when the Malaysia subreddit placed a one-month ban on all WOB content after deciding that they...

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General Property

Bolehkah anda menghalang jalan dengan khemah kenduri di kawasan perumahan?

by Matdura S. on 11 February 2019

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, ramai daripada kita sudah pasti pernah menghadiri rumah terbuka yang dianjurkan oleh jiran-jiran kita, terutamanya semasa musim perayaan. Biasanya, sebuah khemah akan didirikan di hadapan rumah untuk majlis perkahwinan, upacara pengebumian dan apa-apa...

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General Property

Is it illegal to block your neighbourhood road with a kenduri tent?

by Matdura S. on 04 February 2019

As Malaysians, most of us have attended our neighbours’ rumah terbuka during festive seasons. Tents are also pitched during weddings or funerals –basically any kind of function which is held...

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If a Malaysian court asks you to show up as a witness, can you say no?

by Matdura S. on 28 January 2019

So you’ve received an official letter from the court, stating that you have been summoned to be a witness in court because your colleague has been fired recently. (Disclaimer: This is...

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Civil Contract Family

90% of Malaysians don't sign this important contract before they get married.

by Matdura S. on 16 January 2019

    Alright, just to be completely clear, this article is about prenuptial agreements which are not required for marriage, and the 90% mentioned in the title may not be entirely...

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General Traffic

Anthony Loke wants to change the way your child goes to school in 2019

by Matdura S. on 09 January 2019

    Unless you’re one of the lucky kids whose parents dropped you off and picked you up from school, there’s a high chance you would have either taken a...