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Can a non-Muslim get in trouble for khalwat in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 04 September 2018

Even if we don’t know the religious or legal technicalities behind it, we’d know from the occasional news reports that Khalwat involves unmarried Muslim couples getting in trouble with the religious...

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Can the Malaysian Police enter your house without a warrant?

by Arjun on 15 April 2017

We have seen it too many times on TV. The police knocks on the door, the occupant opens the door, the police says they would like to enter, and the...

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Constitution General

5 points about ICERD that Malaysians are disagreeing over

by Arjun on 21 November 2018

[Versi Bahasa Malaysia di sini] Lately, the latest topic on everyone’s lips (and keyboards) is ICERD – the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Briefly put, ICERD is...

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Consumer General Banking

Bank Negara's AKPK helps Malaysians manage their debts for free. Here's how it works

by Arjun on 08 October 2019

You’re at that point in your life where your friends are a little jealous of you. You have a nice car, a big house, your own business, and awesome wife...

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Can Malaysian companies simply fire staff while they’re still under probation?

by Arjun on 05 September 2019

When you start out at a new company, typically you’ll go through a probation period. This usually last for 3-12 months. Think of this as a trial period: the company...

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Civil Consumer Contract

Got cheated shopping online in Malaysia? Here are 4 ways to get justice (or a refund)

by Arjun on 23 August 2019

  “SCAM ALERT!” You may have seen Facebook postings which begin with those words, and they usually have the same tune. Someone bought something online for cheap, and they didn’t receive their item....

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Criminal General

Najib's lawyers tried to stop the media from reporting his case. Here's why it failed

by Arjun on 06 May 2019

There are three current issues that are constantly being shared/discussed on social media at the moment – first in rank being the Avengers Endgame (You can start posting spoilers now), Game of Thrones and...the...

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Civil Consumer Contract General

5 things you must get, if your flight from KLIA is delayed

by Arjun on 29 April 2019

If you don’t fly alot, an airport can be quite an exciting and interesting. But if let’s you fly a lot for work/business, an airport can be a really uncomfortable place...

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Can guide dogs be taken out to public places (LRT, KTM, malls)?

by Arjun on 25 April 2019

In 2014  a blind man named Stevens Chan made the local news because he brought in Malaysia’s first service dog from China called Lashawn . And just to explain, a service dog...

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General Property Contract

What can you do if your landlord doesn't pay maintenance fees in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 22 April 2019

[Klik sini untuk versi BM]   We’re sure you may have come across tenancy articles on Asklegal or other sites. Usually articles on tenancy are written from the POV of...

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Criminal General

Did you know the PDRM can't arrest you if you enter an embassy?

by Arjun on 18 April 2019

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange was finally arrested last week by the British police. He has been wanted by enforcement authorities throughout the world for 7 years until his...

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Criminal General

Here's what Grab drivers need to know about getting their cars checked in PUSPAKOM

by Arjun on 15 April 2019

[Klik sini untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia]   During the 14th General Elections in 2018, the Pakatan Harapan campaign promised that the rights of e-hailing (like Grab, myCar, etc) drivers will be...

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Criminal General

Noh Omar said stealing isn't wrong until you're's why he may not be wrong

by Arjun on 11 April 2019

In a recent parliamentary sitting, a BN politician named Noh Omar gave an analogy that caught everyone’s attention and the ridicule of netizens. In fact, his statement caught our attention...

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Criminal General

Kim Jong Nam's killer was only jailed for 3 months for the's why

by Arjun on 08 April 2019

North Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has a nickname, the Hermit Kingdom. One of the few communist nations that are left on earth, this nickname...

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Criminal General

Can Malaysia exit any International Treaty that we sign...because we don't like it?

by Arjun on 05 April 2019

Recently the Malaysian government has courted quite a bit of criticism by considering the signing of two international treaties – ICERD and The Rome Statute. ICERD drew criticism because it...

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Criminal General

Malaysia has a new sex offenders registry, here's how you can use it

by Arjun on 02 April 2019

It’s not really easy to tell if someone has a criminal record in Malaysia. Take for example someone who went to jail for laundering money, he could probably go...

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Criminal General

5 things you should know about Malaysia's signing of the Rome Statute

by Arjun on 21 March 2019

“The Rome Statute”. You would have seen this term quite a bit on our local news headlines. Basically, the Malaysian government was planning to adopt this “Rome Statute”, and there were...

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Civil Criminal General

Here's how a group of paintballers changed Malaysian law by bringing the PDRM to court

by Arjun on 18 March 2019

Whenever the government introduces or updates a law, there’s always a chance that a group or community that will be indirectly affected in a bad way, or simply just disagree...

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Malaysian soldiers sometimes go to war without's why

by Arjun on 06 March 2019

If you’ve watched the movie PASKAL last year, you may remember a scene where a soldier was on a military mission with no weapons. In that scene, the soldier was...

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Criminal General

Here's how to legally own a firearm in Malaysia

by Arjun on 01 March 2019

Handguns, revolvers, shotguns and rifles, these are some of the type of firearms. They can be considered cool pieces of machinery to some and for some they’re nothing more than...

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Criminal General

If you do drugs on a holiday, will the PDRM catch you when you're back?

by Arjun on 26 February 2019

Vacations are really awesome, you get to visit another country with different cultures, food, and sometimes laws. And sometimes different laws could mean legalised drugs. Take America as an example,...

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Civil General

PAS and Sarawak Report sued each other in court. Here's why they dropped the case

by Arjun on 15 February 2019

For a little backstory, the Sarawak Report published a story stating that RM90 million was given to top PAS leaders to get their support for BN and UMNO. Hadi Awang, the President...

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Consumer Criminal General

Is it legal to buy sex toys in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 13 February 2019

  Valentine’s day is here, and it means time to shop for a meaningful gift for your significant other. You’ve bought the usual chocolates, flowers, jewelry in the previous years,...

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Consumer Criminal General Traffic

Adakah motosikal memerlukan insuran untuk dapatkan cukai jalan?

by Arjun on 07 February 2019

Memang tepat untuk mengatakan bahawa motosikal adalah sejenis mod pengangkutan yang cepat dan mudah. Malah, secara amnya ramai sedar bahawa menunggang motosikal tidak begitu selamat. Ia amat berbeza dengan kereta yang mempunyai rangka besi...

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Consumer Criminal General Banking

What are "kutu funds" and why are they illegal in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 30 January 2019

Kutu funds are an informal funding and saving schemes Traditional kutu funds among friends and family are legal in Malaysia according to the Registrar of Societies Malaysian law aims to...

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Criminal General Traffic

Do motorcycles in Malaysia need insurance to renew their road tax?

by Arjun on 29 January 2019

  While it can be a very convenient way to get through our horrendous traffic jams, motorcycles are not the safest way to travel. Unlike cars with metal frames and airbags...

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Criminal General

Can the PDRM stop and search your car without setting up a roadblock?

by Arjun on 22 January 2019

Note: This article was originally posted in 2019.   We recently came across a Facebook post where someone described an interesting encounter she had the police. Here’s what happened: While we...

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Can our Yang DiPertuan Agong resign, and who's next in line?

by Arjun on 08 January 2019

2018 was a year of a lot of firsts for Malaysia. We had the first change of government since independence, and even the first female Deputy Prime Minister. Well 2019...

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General Civil Criminal

If a lawyer refuses to take your case in Malaysia, what can you do?

by Arjun on 07 January 2019

The chances of you getting into a situation where you may have to sue someone can be quite low, but it’s not entirely impossible. Touch wood but, it’s possible you can...

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5 things you can't claim if you get into an accident in Malaysia

by Arjun on 04 January 2019

If you’ve gotten into an accident in Malaysia (touch wood), a word you’d be very familiar with is “Claim” – basically claim-ing damages from the person who hit your car, or...

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Does the PDRM use police line-ups... like in TV shows?

by Arjun on 18 December 2018

  If you enjoy good crime movies or dramas, you’ve probably come across a scene of a police line up. You know, where the police gets a bunch of similar looking suspects to...

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DBKL wants all nightclubs to close at 1am...but can they?

by Arjun on 13 December 2018

The last thing that you want on a Friday night out is having the bartender shout “WE’RE CLOSING!”. But wait a minute, it’s only 1am and you were just getting...

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An ex-reporter shares the danger of being a social worker... and why she stayed

by Arjun on 04 December 2018

Thank you to Nadea Melissa from Kuching, Sarawak for allowing us to use her photos for our feature image!   If you’ve walked down a typical city street in Malaysia, it...

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In Malaysia, a woman can't get charged for's why

by Arjun on 03 December 2018

Almost every country has a set of peculiar laws. If you were to look at our neighbours down south, they have laws prohibiting the chewing of gum. But if you...

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General Constitution

5 points about ICERD that Malaysians are disagreeing over

by Arjun on 21 November 2018

[Versi Bahasa Malaysia di sini] Lately, the latest topic on everyone’s lips (and keyboards) is ICERD – the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Briefly put, ICERD is...

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If someone confesses to a crime in Malaysia, why must they still go to court?

by Arjun on 15 November 2018

In a dimly lit interrogation room, a suspect sits on an uncomfortable metal chair while two police officers ask him a series of questions. They’re playing the good cop/bad cop routine, hoping they’ll...

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General Criminal

What happens when you commit a crime aboard a Malaysian plane?

by Arjun on 08 November 2018

If you’ve ever taken a flight, you know that security can be quite strict. They make you remove your electronics from the bag, they don’t allow you to carry liquids...

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Civil Property

If you bought a haunted house in Malaysia, do you call the Ghostbusters... or a lawyer?

by Arjun on 30 October 2018

Congratulations, you just bought your first house! Sure, it’s a little run down because it’s a second-hand house… the lights turn on by themselves every now and then (faulty wiring) and...

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5 beliefs Malaysians have about the death penalty...that are wrong

by Arjun on 27 October 2018

If you’ve ever flown into Malaysia, you would’ve heard an announcement saying Malaysia punishes drug trafficking with the death penalty. For tourists, that’s essentially their first encounter with the fact that Malaysia...

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Criminal General

How to perform a citizen's arrest in Malaysia

by Arjun on 05 October 2018

NOTE: The staff at Asklegal volunteered to pose for the images shown in this article. We needed a reason to get off our swivel chairs. When we use the term “citizen’s...

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If the PDRM asks you to do a urine test, can you say no?

by Arjun on 25 September 2018

Imagine you’re driving home one Friday night and you encounter a police roadblock. You’re thinking it’s probably a drunk driving operasi so you’re prepared to wind down the window and...

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How to get legal aid in Malaysia

by Arjun on 21 September 2018

There may be a moment in your life where you get into some legal trouble. Usually, when you are in such situations a lawyer would come in handy. However lawyers...

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If the religious authorities knock on your door for khalwat, must you let them in?

by Arjun on 04 September 2018

NOTE: In an earlier version of this article, we made an error in not realizing that the definition of “seizable offence” in Syariah and Federal law are different, leading to...

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Can a non-Muslim get in trouble for khalwat in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 04 September 2018

Even if we don’t know the religious or legal technicalities behind it, we’d know from the occasional news reports that Khalwat involves unmarried Muslim couples getting in trouble with the religious...

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Why would a lawyer ask you to plead guilty to a crime in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 27 August 2018

If you’ve watched (usually American) courtroom dramas like Suits or Law and Order, you’d usually come across a scene where the judge asks the suspect “How do you plead”, in...

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Criminal General Industrial

Did you know Malaysia has dangerous atomic materials? These guys keep us safe

by Arjun on 23 August 2018

RADIOACTIVE DEVICE MISSING. The headlines on the local newspapers seem like the beginning of an action movie, and with words like “dirty bomb” being thrown around, the recent news of a missing...

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Civil Traffic

5 things you can claim if you get into a traffic accident in Malaysia

by Arjun on 16 August 2018

Usually when an accident happens, you’d end up doing one of two things – either making a police report and filing an insurance claim, or settling privately with the other driver....

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If you win a lawsuit in Malaysia, how do you make sure you get paid?

by Arjun on 15 August 2018

Unfortunately, your neighbour had the sudden desire to become a master violinist. To further add to your misery, he practices after 10pm and his vionin-ing sounds like a cat being...

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What can you do if the PDRM is not investigating your report?

by Arjun on 07 August 2018

If you are a victim of a crime or a witness of a crime, the first thing you usually do is go to the police station and make a report. But...

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Criminal Family

5 ways one new law is protecting Malaysian children from sexual abuse

by Arjun on 10 May 2018

Pedophilia and sexual assault on minors is not an issue many people would want to read about or acknowledge. However, it’s something that does happen in Malaysia, with recent examples...

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Criminal General

4 ways a witness in Malaysian court can remain silent (without getting in trouble)

by Arjun on 06 April 2018

Imagine you’re at home one day and you get a call saying that your husband (or wife) has been arrested and will be charged in court. Worse, when the trial...

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If Malaysia has a disagreement with another country, how do they settle it?

by Arjun on 05 April 2018

You could go to jail or get a fine if you hit someone, you could also be asked to pay damages if you break a legally binding promise. These are...

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In Malaysia, you can pay bail to go home instead of going to jail. Here's how it works

by Arjun on 04 April 2018

You may remember a 2017 incident in Johor Bahru where a woman rammed her car into a group of child cyclists, leading to death and injury. She was later charged for causing death by...

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What are your rights if you get arrested by the PDRM?

by Arjun on 22 January 2018

  A bad day for some might be having a flat tyre on the way to work, for some it may be getting arrested by the PDRM. You may think...

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Can the Malaysian Police enter your house without a warrant?

by Arjun on 15 April 2017

We have seen it too many times on TV. The police knocks on the door, the occupant opens the door, the police says they would like to enter, and the...

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What can you do if you get cheated shopping online in Malaysia?

by Arjun on 29 March 2017

Malaysians are now starting to shop online more often - thanks to the convenience of being able to buy everything you need in the comfort of your own home. However,...

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Can Mahathir actually sue PM Najib? Let's see what the law says... [Updated]

by Arjun on 08 March 2017

Update: The High Court ruled that PM Najib, as Prime Minister, is not a public officer. As such, the court struck out the suit and ordered Mahathir's side to pay...

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Can a child be sued for causing an accident?

by Arjun on 22 February 2017

The recent spotlight on the tragic accident between a car and a group of young cyclists in Johor that resulted in 8 deaths has brought about many discussions, including that...