​Foreigners Robbed By Fake Policemen

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MALACCA: Two suspects, aged 28 and 32 who robbed foreigners, while posing as policemen, were arrested while trying to rob a Bangladeshi man near the Malim police station at about 5.30pm on Saturday (April 16).

Malacca police chief Ramli Din said a statement, "Police on patrol saw both suspects checking the victims before stopping to ask what happened. The suspects panicked and fled with the victim's bag containing a mobile phone and RM110 cash.

"The suspects who were on a motorcycle were detained not far from the scene," he said, while adding that both suspects confessed to their involvement in 10 cases of impersonating policemen and robbing foreigners around Malim and Batu Berendam.

According to Ramli, initial investigations revealed the 28-year-old suspect had previous drug-related records and both suspects used knives or machetes to rob their victims, comprising of factory workers from Nepal, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

The suspects would be remanded until April 23.

The perpetrators here preyed on the most marginalised group in society, that some of us are often times guilty of vilifying and discriminating against. It is heartening to see the police acting swiftly to protect the victims, regardless of their nationality.

Photo credit: NST

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