Corporate Criminal

Tabung Haji is in trouble. What happens to the savings of 9 million Malaysian Muslims?

over 5 years ago JS Lim

The money is meant for Hajj, so what happened to it...?


5 things Malaysian employers pay on top of your monthly salary

about 6 years ago JS Lim

There's EPF of course, but some companies also pay for the HRDF


Sendirian Berhad companies exist today because this man won a lawsuit in 1893

about 6 years ago JS Lim

His case's legal principle survives until today


If a Malaysian company that owes you money goes bankrupt, can you sue the boss to get it?

about 6 years ago dineshsadhwani

Planning to use the ‘It is not me but the company’ excuse? Think again.


A beginner’s guide to terms used in the Malaysian stock market

over 6 years ago dineshsadhwani

IPO, Underwriting agreement, Retail offering - What do these words mean??!