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Fun Fact: Malaysian law limits how many people you can borrow money from at one time

over 4 years ago JS Lim

It's not a good idea to borrow RM1 from 10 friends.

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What are "kutu funds" and why are they illegal in Malaysia?

almost 5 years ago Arjun

No we're not talking about lice and fleas

Consumer Banking

Malaysia now has regulations for digital assets. Here’s how they work.

almost 5 years ago JS Lim

Digital currencies and tokens are now considered "securities" just like company shares.

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Apa akan terjadi dengan wang anda jika bank di Malaysia dirompak atau jatuh muflis?

over 5 years ago Clarence Kuna

Sebenarnya anda boleh dapat balik sebahagian besar dari wang anda

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3 ways Bank Negara controls our economy that you probably haven't heard of

over 5 years ago JS Lim

They're called a "bank" but they don't do what other banks do