Constitution General

Anwar claims to have formed a new gov't. Why does Malaysian law allow this?

over 3 years ago Ariff Kamil

Turns out, it doesn't matter how you get 112 MPs


Are statutory declarations from UMNO MPs enough to remove our Prime Minister?

over 3 years ago Matdura S.

Do statutory declarations even matter?

Constitution General

Don't know your rights with the PDRM? Here's a cheat sheet to download

over 3 years ago UiHua

It's called the Red Book, except it's a white PDF file.

Civil Constitution

Kerana telur penyu...dua keluarga ni saman kerajaan Sabah

over 3 years ago Azar Ishak

Keluarga ni dah kutip telur penyu sejak lebih 100 tahun...