Is it illegal to record the PDRM when they stop you at a roadblock?

by Mikaela Anthony about 2 months ago

Civil Constitution Family General

Budak 6 tahun saman kerajaan Malaysia pada 2014. Ini apa yang terjadi...

about 2 months ago Azar Ishak

Kesnya akan didengar lagi pada akhir April 2019 ni...

Civil Consumer Contract General

5 things you must get, if your flight from KLIA is delayed

about 2 months ago Arjun

But you really don't wanna miss the water festival in Songkran!!!

Civil Constitution Family General

The Malaysian government was sued by a 6 year old in 2014. Here's what happened

2 months ago Mikaela Anthony

He's lost the case once but the case will be heard by the Court of Appeal again in April 2019.

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Macam mana sekumpulan 'paintballers' ni ubah undang -undang dengan bawa PDRM ke mahkamah

3 months ago Azar Ishak

Selama ni korang main je, tak tahu pulak yang paintball ni kategori senjata