If your vehicle gets damaged by a pothole in Malaysia, can you sue the government?

about 5 years ago JS Lim

They're in charge of repairing the roads.

General Traffic

Anthony Loke wants to change the way your child goes to school in 2019

about 5 years ago Matdura S.

Does this mean no more "Uncle Bus"?


5 things you can't claim if you get into an accident in Malaysia

about 5 years ago Arjun

No you can't claim for the cost of upgrading your spoilers

Industrial Traffic

Is it illegal to carry work equipment in your car in Malaysia?

about 5 years ago JS Lim

Carrying a ladder is not the problem, but what you're carrying it around for.


Malaysian Majlis Bandarayas can now enforce traffic laws. Here’s what you need to know

about 5 years ago JS Lim

They get to have their own traffic wardens too!