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5 things Grab customers need to know about Malaysia's new e-hailing law

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You may need to wait longer to get a ride


By July, you need to register your MyKad to use Grab (or any e-hailing app)

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It's not just drivers who have new regulations to follow...


Malaysians are the fattest in Asia. And this survey will tell you why.

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Since New Years Resolutions are just around the corner...

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Asked to pay for PIDM protection? That's a scam!

over 5 years ago Denise C.

PIDM protecc but the scammer attacc - time to learn how to deflecc


Will modifying your car affect the resale value? We look at 7 popular trade-in myths

over 5 years ago JS Lim

We asked you for any myths you've heard - here are the answers