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TRUE ABUSE STORIES: 'I Never Understood What My Teacher Did To Me In That Classroom'

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My personal nightmare

I want share my own personal experience that I have kept to myself for almost 26 years. No one knows about this. Not even my parents or my own wife.

I was only eight

It happened when I was 8 years old. I was a member of the school computer club. There was a teacher called Cikgu Ali (not his real name).

Cikgu Ali was very close with the pupils. He was one of our most favourite teacher as he was friendly towards his pupils.

I was at computer class

One day, I went for computer class. I was the only one in the classroom since I came a bit early. The others haven't arrived yet. I was wearing my track pants.

Cikgu Ali was there. He asked me to sit on his lap. I did that while I typed on the computer keyboard.

As an 8 year old boy, I never dared to refuse what he asked me to do because at that time I thought that I must follow a teacher's instruction.

So, I obeyed..

I didn't fight back

His hands crawled all over my body. He inserted his hands into my pants and groped my private parts.

I didn't dare to fight back because he was the teacher. I thought that whatever a teacher did to me was right and I had to obey.

I kept quiet and cried.

I was lucky because my friends have arrived into the classroom. He then let me go.

I never told my parents

I went home straight away and cried. I was afraid to tell mum and dad. I didn't want them to scold me. I just kept it quiet.

I stopped attending computer class. I give the excuse that I have lost interest in the lessons.

I was lucky that my dad let me quit.

I wasn't the only victim

Ever since that incident I found out that I wasn't the only one that he preyed on. Several other pupils have also fallen victim to him.

He was found out after a friend complained to his mum about Cikgu Ali.

But, I was sad because his parents didn't do anything. Their excuse was that they didn't believe him and that he was only making this up.

By the time I reached Primary 6, The number of Cikgu Ali's victim have increased. A group of us, who used to be his victim, wanted to report him to the headmaster.

Before we could even do so, Cikgu Ali threatened us. We were still afraid of the teacher, so we ended up not going to the headmaster.

I could only cry

I never understood what my teacher did to me in that classroom.

In the end, I could only cry because I was afraid and ashamed.

Look out for your children

To all the parents out there, please pay attention to what's happening in school. Ask your children of what's going on in their daily school life. Get to know their teachers well.

Educate your children on which part of the body is off limits and and on who should or should not touch it.

Children must be aware of this to avoid being victims without them even realising it.


If you suspect a child is being abused, or if you need help and have questions about child abuse, please contact:

Social Welfare Department hotline: 1-800-88-3040

WAO Helpline : 03 7956 3488

WCC: 04-228 0342

For more information on child sexual abuse, visit: #StopNurseryCrimes

Source: Syed Azmi Facebook

Picture credits: WorldVision