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The KLRCA Certificate Programme In Sports Arbitration (19-22 September 2016)

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The KLRCA Certificate Programme in Sports Arbitration

The KLRCA Certificate Programme in Sports Arbitration is the first of such certification courses in the Asia Pacific region. It is the first step towards creating the pioneering batch of specialised sports dispute resolution individuals who will be a part of the Malaysian Sports Tribunal (MST) upon its establishment.

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Who should join the course?

This 5-day intensive course is tailored for:

  • legal practitioners
  • arbitrators
  • professionals in the field of sports administration and management
  • members of registered National Sports Associations
  • members of registered organizations as per the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Constitution
  • members of OCM and other relevant stakeholders

who will be trained to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of sports dispute resolution at national and international levels, how sports arbitration is conducted, the rules and procedures governing sports arbitration proceedings and more.

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Who is leading the course?

This course will be led by Paul J Hayes and Professor Richard McLaren OC.

Download the brochure or visit KLRCA website for more details about the event.

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