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Setting Standards For Domestic Violence Shelters

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National Standards For Domestic Violence Shelters

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) have recently unveiled the Domestic Violence Shelter Standards and Toolkit on March 9 at Sime Darby Plantation Tower. This was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development (KPWKM)

The Domestic Violence Shelter Standards and Toolkits is the end result of WAO working together with domestic violence survivors, NGOs and government agencies legally mandated to protect women survivors of domestic violence.

The Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, emphasised the government's commitment to protect women from violence through their joint efforts in developing the Domestic Violence Shelter Standards and Toolkit.

WAO Vice-President Tashia Peterson stated that their collective goal is having every woman survivor of domestic violence to have safe and supportive shelter as an alternative to living in violence.

This point was brought home by moving testimonies of two domestic violence survivors, who shared about their positive experiences on how WAO helped them out and being supported and empowered in WAO shelters. They have since moved on to productive lives. One of them is currently active in volunteering work.

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