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49 Dead, 53 Wounded. Will The Killing Ever STOP?

over 1 year ago



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Response to the Orlando shootings

People worldwide have rallied, in a heartwarming gesture, in support for the victims and their families in the wake of the Orlando shootings that claimed the lives of 49 people.

This has also sparked anew the never-ending debate on gun control in the USA.

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Alarming number of mass shootings

The Obama administration has had to respond to 14 different mass shootings during his presidency.

And that's just the ones the White House has determined to be major enough to warrant comment.

There have been 173 mass shootings in the United States in 2016 alone.

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Gun violence in USA

No other developed country has this problem to the extent that the United States does.

There are cases like the Utoya massacre in Norway, or the Winnenden massacre in Germany, of course.

Opponents of gun control measures love to point out that Norway and Germany have restrictive gun controls but still had mass shooting incidents.

What makes the USA different?

The difference between the USA and all others is its devotion to guns.

Automatic guns, loaded with more firepower are freely accessible.

The founding fathers who wrote the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, the right to bear arms, were wrong about slavery and they were wrong about this.

Gun ownership is not and never should have been considered a right. You have a right to life. That should always come first.

Hopefully, somehow, this tragedy will be a tipping point into action, and the voices of the victims will not be silenced by the voices of the wrong.

Will things ever change?

Pic credits: Washington Post

Source credits: Whatstrending

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