I have been cheated on an Online purchase and require assistance. I have reached out to NCCC (Malaysia) and have not gotten any outcome. Please advice. Thank you

I had purchased 15th Nov 2016 a Full HD 1080 Vehicle Black Box DVR + 64GB TF SD card (11Street & Superway the Vendor). Both the Car Camera and SD card turned out to be faulty. I received them just before I went outstation for a job offshore and the instructions was in a foreign language. When I got back after a few months May 2017 I got in touch 11street on this issue and was advice to contact the vendor Superway. I went to the office of the vendor and met Ms. Michelle and Ms Adeline Sun who later agreed to refund the money on my purchase after I was told that the product that she had received from her supplier were all defective especially the SD cards. She offered to sell me another version of the Car camera & SD card to which I told her I don't trust her products especially after being cheated the first time. I did and I'm very unhappy with the response the vendor who brushed me off after taking back the whole device and changing her earlier agreed statement of a full refund. I have made a Police report and approached NCCC Malaysia (Ms. Helen) to make a complaint and apparently nothing has come out of this matter.

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