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Last year bought car from a licensed and legal car company at HQ(under category of disposable demo car, year 2012 manufacturerd, mileage around 9000 during purchase). About 1 month purchased, I complained to HQ customer relations department regarding suspicious sweet and sour smell suspected to release from dashboard or engine or other unknown parts into the passenger seats area. As advised by them, I sent my car to their appointed dealer service center for repairing. Roughly half year investigating and repairing by the service center, the suspicious sweet and sour smell has become worse, and their technicians even modified some interior parts inside passenger seats area that is located below the dashboard and carpet. Now, the suspicious smell (by my own observation without professional advice) seems like released intensively from the below dashboard or areas near the cooling coil into the passenger seats area. The above mentioned service center has later insisted that there is no chemical smell inside the car and they apologized not able to help me settle the problem. Now, I refer the case back to HQ customer relations department by phone and also by email. I still waiting their feedback, a bit slow and maybe required some time. I wish to ask any automotive regulations or consumer protection acts or any law to help me? The car warranty just ended by this 27 March 2017, whether before and after the warranty, my car is continued repairing by the same service center, working on the same smell issue, and my car sending in and out twice. I need some advice from legal or any government authorities so that easier for me to liase with this car manufacturer either to extend warranty period, to responsible for the repairing cost or even for replacement since this issue unable to fix by them for a certain period of time. Thanks.

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