Wild Party In Besut A "No-Go"

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BESUT: After much brouhaha over the first "Full Moon Beach Party" in Pulau Perhentian, the wild party never happened as the organisers called it off at the eleventh hour.

The Yang Dipertua of Besut District Council, Zainal Abidin Mohamed, confirmed the two-day event was cancelled following disapproval from the council and the police.

He reiterated the council would not allow such extreme activities to be organised in Pulau Perhentian.

"We have never issued any permit from the beginning," he explained.

The wild party was initially scheduled for two consecutive days at Long Beach, Pulau Perhentian Kecil.

However, it drew flak from several quarters, including Besut Umno Youth and Puteri wings, as both lodged a police report on Monday demanding the party to be cancelled.

Despite the party's cancellation, Zainal explained that a police investigation is already underway.

Those who intend to organise a party in Malaysia, particularly one that involves alcohol, should think twice before doing so.

If you have plans to organise a large scale party that involves alcohol and loud music, remember to obtain approval from the authorities or otherwise, they will come knocking on your door later.

Pic credit: Terengganutimes.com

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