Uttering "Bomb" In The Airport Is No Laughing Matter

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SEPANG: A bomb hoax joke made in public, especially at the KL International Airport (KLIA) and KL International Airport 2 (klia2), is not hilarious because uttering the word "bomb" can land you in jail.

Sepang police chief, ACP Abdul Aziz Ali warned that saying the word "bomb", even as a joke, is a serious offence under Code 92 of the Airport Emergency Plan.

He explained that those arrested for saying "bomb" can be hauled to court and charged under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation, which carries up to seven years' jail or a fine, or both, if convicted.

Abdul Aziz said the latest case occurred some two days ago in klia2 and added that there were 15 cases recorded since last year for this offence.

He revealed that all the 15 individuals were charged at Sepang Magistrate's Court.

In December last year, a Chinese national, Zheng Hao, 38, from Tianjin, was sentenced to five days’ jail from the date of arrest and fined RM7,000 in default five months’ jail after he jokingly said that his bag was "as heavy as a bomb" while trying to put it up the plane's overhead compartment.

Similar cases were also recorded in other parts of Malaysia.

In September last year, an Indonesian farmer, Bob Halim Lim, 61, was fined RM5,000 in default of six months' jail after threatening to "bomb" and kill the passengers in Penang International Airport.

Remember, the authorities are on high alert due to a series of terror attacks worldwide. So, it might not be a good idea to utter the word "bomb" in the public.

Even if you meant it as a joke, it is no laughing matter because you can be prosecuted.

Pic credits: weinterrupt.com

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