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MyHSR Corporation Sdn Bhd (1147719-M)


1. Background and Objectives

MyHSR Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MyHSR Corp”) of Malaysia and SG HSR PTE.. LTD. (“SG HSR”) of Singapore are keen to jointly appoint an Assets Company (“AssetsCo”) for the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Rail project (“HSR Project”). The AssetsCo will be appointed through a joint international tender via a Request for Proposal exercise (“AssetsCo RFP”).

In connection with the HSR Project, the AssetsCo will be responsible:

  • designing, building, financing and maintaining all rolling stock;
  • designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining all rail assets (for example, track-work, power, signalling and telecommunications); and
  • coordinating the system’s network capacity for operations and maintenance needs

2. Who can Participate in the AssetsCo PPP Project

The AssetsCo PPP Project is open to corporations or business organisations or consortia made up of members that are corporations or business organisations (“Interested Parties”) which meet the minimum selection criteria (“MSC”).

Note: Interested Parties, which are currently involved in works or assignments related to the HSR Project with MyHSR Corp or SG HSR, should confirm their eligibility with MyHSR and SG HSR.

3. How to Register to Participate in the AssetsCo RFP

In order to participate in the AssetsCo RFP, Interested Parties shall send an email with the following information to
name of company intending to register as a consortium;

  • if registering as a consortium, names of non-lead consortium members;
  • name, title telephone number and email address of the person authorised to act as the point of contact for the single entity or consortium for the AssetsCo RFP;
  • if registering as a consortium, name, telephone number and email address for a nominated representative of each non-lead consortium member; and
  • duly signed MyHSR Corp Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) and SG HSR NDA, and respective undertakings to safeguard official information under applicable laws, available at and

Further details (including the MSC) are available at and All correspondence in relation to the AssetsCo RFP should be addressed to

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