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KDEB Waste Management Sdn. Bhd - Transportation and collection system, Recycling and Resource Recovery & Facility for treatment

KDEB Waste Management Sdn. Bhd. ("KDEBWM") is a wholly owned company of Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI), under the Selangor State Government.

KDEBWM is the appointed company by the state government of Selangor to manage the solid waste collection and public cleansing services in all municipalities of Selangor. We are currently venturing into new technologies to improve the overall solid waste management in Selangor.

KDEBWM invites eligible bidders to submit proposals as a partner for the development of Scheduled Waste Collection and Disposal Management System aiming to improve efficiency of the value chain for Waste Management in Selangor.


1. The scope of the RFP is as follows:

a. Transportation and collection system.

b. Recycling and Resource Recovery Facility via physical and chemical processes

c. Facility for treatment of Scheduled Waste which includes Clinical Waste.


2. Additionally, this invitation is open to all bidders who may provide solutions with the following requirements and qualifications:

For Thermal Disposal Solutions:

a. Plant availability has to be a minimum of 8000 hours annually; and

b. Has a reference plant using the proposed technology that has operated for more than16,000 hours.


For Non-Thermal Disposal And/Or Other Solutions:

a. Has a reference plant / example using the proposed solution/technology that has been implemented or operated for more than 16,000 hours.


3. To participate, you may send an email to from 3 May 2021 until 17 May 2021 (by 6pm) to express your interest. You may also email us for any further inquiries. KDEBWM reserves the right to respond to any inquiries. ANY OTHER QUERY METHOD WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.


4. For the interested parties, we will send a Pre-Qualification Infopack containing details on the RFP process submission and further details pertaining to this RFP.


5. KDEBWM reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals, or cancel the invitation without compensating for any expenses or losses that may have incurred by any applicant. All decisions made by KDEBWM will be final.