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Sarawak Energy - Sg Maaw-Sg Merah 132kV Underground Cable Project




Suitably qualified tenderers are invited for the Sg Maaw-Sg Merah 132kV Underground Cable Project stated as follows:


Tender Reference No.





Sg Maaw-Sg Merah 132kV Underground Cable Project



Eligibility Requirements to Participate in the Tender


(a) UPKJ Registered Bumiputera Contractor under Electrical Works Class II or above, Head VIIB, Subhead 3(b) or above; OR Cable Project


(b) UPKJ Registered Bumiputera Contractor under Civil Works Class B or above, Heads I & Il and registered with CIDB of Grade 6 or above, category CE and B.


Mandatory Requirements to Submit the Tender

Tenderers shall comply with the following:


1. A Company incorporated in Malaysia with Sarawak Bumiputera status;


2. Alternatively, a Consortium with the Lead Consortium Company be a Malaysia Company with Sarawak Bumiputera status;


3. The Company or the Lead Consortium Company shall be a UPKJ Registered Bumiputera Contractor under Electrical Works Class II or above, Head VIIB, Subhead 3(b) or above;


4.The Company or in the case of the Consortium, either of the members of the Consortium shall have the experience of successfully supplying, designing, installing, testing and commissioning of at least one (1) contract of 132kV underground cable project as a Main Contractor;


5. The Company or the Consortium shall have a combined average project work(s) for the past two (2) years of an aggregate value of more than RM20 million (including project(s) executed by another consortium which the Company or either or all of the Consortium members are part of];


6. Civil counterparts must be executed by UPKJ Registered Bumiputera Contractor of Class B or above, Heads I & II and registered with CIDB of Grade 6 or above, category CE and B and;


7.Attends the Mandatory Tender Briefing. Attendance is mandatory for key personnel (Commercial), Technical Personnel (Electrical and Civil Counterparts assigned to this Tender.

*Interested tenderers are required to produce evidence of fulfilling above-mentioned mandatory requirement. Failing which, your intention will be rejected.


General Instructions


1. This tender exercise will be conducted on an online Ariba platform. The entire event will be managed by SEPRO (Sarawak Energy e-Procurement) Team on behalf of Syarikat SESCO Berhad. Tender details are available for viewing at


2. Please note that all Tenderers are required to register in SEPRO to participate in this tender. If your company is not registered in SEPRO, please allow ample time to complete registration. Vendors can self-register to SEPRO via the URL provided: The registration is free of charge.


3. Interested Tenderer that meets the eligibility is required to do the following steps:


A) Email your interest to participate for this tender exercise to Please include the following details:

• Tender Reference:

• Tender Title:

• Company Contact Person:

• Company Name:

• Phone Number:

• Email Address:

• (Attach all softcopy of evidence for mandatory requirement)


4. Tenderers shall attend the briefing held as follows. Tenderers who failed to attend the briefing may be disqualified by Sarawak Energy.


Tender Briefing


Date and Time

22nd April 2021 at 9:30 AM


Online via Microsoft Teams

Important Note

Interested tenderers can email cpprojects to get invitation to attend the Tender Briefing session via Microsoft Teams before 12:00 noon on 21st April 2021.


In the email, the Tenderer shall inform the Employer of the persons' details (Full Name, email address and designation) that will be attending the tender briefing on its behalf and attach the copies of Company Registration (Form 24 and Form 49) or Form I (The Businesses, Professions and Trading Licensing Ordinance). ONLY shareholders, directors or Company's authorized personnel (through company's authorization letter) and mandatory key personnel shall be allowed to attend the Tender briefing and Site Visit (if necessary).


5. Tender documents can only be accessible to the Tenderer after registration.


A) SEPRO team will acknowledge receipt upon receiving your email on interest to participate. If you have any inquiries on SEPRO please contact us at the following channel:

• Email: AskSepro

• Phone: 082-330127


Monday to Thursday: 9.00am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Friday : 9.00am - 11.30am and 2.30pm - 4.00pm


Note: Sarawak Energy Berhad is not liable for any cost incurred by the Tenderer in preparing the tenders.

Tender submission shall be submitted online through SEPRO system no later than 3:00 p.m. (Malaysia Local Time) on the date specified below.


Tender Reference Number




Closing Time

Wednesday, 19th May 2021


Closing Date

3:00 PM